SE ‘Snowy Owl’ Scuba Hoodie Details

June 23, 2011

Yesterday I had mentioned I would try to get some details on this lovely Special Edition Scuba since the prices seem to be a bit of a mystery. I confirmed with my store that this one is priced at $128 due to the fact that it’s one of the ‘pillow scubas’. I also speculated that the inner pouch looked like it may be a velour faux fur lining but actually it’s a black on grey pattern that looks sort of like black seabed print. I think I was dreaming of a faux fur lined hoodie for winter since last winter Lulu only made one that was fur lined within the hood. It was the Scuba Vest if I remember correctly. I’d love to see a plain scuba with this soft fuzzy inner liner throughout. This Black Snowy Owl Ghost (superb copy writing on the name!) scuba is quite gorgeous in person and striking in it’s contrast over warm white. I wouldn’t normally be drawn to a white hoodie but this one has a lot of interest in it with the contrast stitching and inner liner.

SE Scuba Hoodie “Black Snowy Owl Ghost”

 You can tell from this printer what the print is like inside the hood. 

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