Calm And Cozy Sweater is Back!

Readers are reporting sightings of new Calm and Cozy Sweaters in US stores (westport, CT). Heathered Plum (dewberry maybe?), Concord Grape and Black as well as a Heathered Iris like color. Earlier this year I lamented that the Live Healthy Wrap in Heathered Iris was so pretty but what I really wanted was a heathered iris Calm and Cozy instead. Now I may feel tempted by it but I’m thinking I’m going to pass on it since I got the Sing, Floss, Travel Jacket (not much of a summery purchase) and I’m not sure I want to get a second warm sweater in the middle of summer. We’ll see…I may be tempted none the less.

Calm and Cozy Sweater

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