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Upload Thursday Eve

May 4, 2011

I don’t have a big shopping list this week, especially since I found out Anthropologie is coming to Vancouver this month so I’m saving my pennies for the grand openingI do have a few things that have piqued my interest though. First of all, I’m dying for the Pink Mist Modern Racer Tank as you know. The Modern Racers are summer staples and blend into everyday wardrobe quite well so I don’t feel so bad about collecting those in colors that I love. I also really would love this years version of the Renew Dirt Dress, whenever that’s coming, so I’m waiting for that. Other then that, I don’t really feel the need to pounce on anything tomorrow but I do also really like the swiftly’s in Pink Mist and Surge as well as the Toothpaste Racerback with yellow stitching on it but I don’t need more swiftly’s so I should behave and take a pass. The Mind Over Matter Tech SL interests me in Tango Red but again I can take a pass on it for now since I only need a few running tops in rotation. The new Light Grey Pique In Stride Jacket is puuuuurdy but luon jackets are already too warm for the weather were having. Of the two things on my immediate wish list, the Pink Mist Modern may make an appearance (but it’s not yet in Canadian stores) and this new vitasea dress that I’ve heard rumours about, I have no idea when that’s coming. The dress sure would be a nice special mothers day treat, wouldn’t it? Something I would love to wear to Mother’s Day brunch 🙂

What are you guys waiting to pounce on tomorrow? 

Modern Racer Tank

Run Swiftly Tech SS Pink Mist

Run Mind Over Matter Tech Top SL

In Stride Jacket *new Light Grey Pique

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