Rumour: Sing, Floss, Travel Jacket

The rumour on Lulu This Just In Group on facebook (someone who spoke to the GEC directly)  is that Canada will not be receiving the Wren and Heathered Navy Sing, Floss, Travel Jackets like the US has. I suspected this was true of the Wren SFT Jacket since it’s already been out for a couple of weeks there and hasn’t made an appearance here yet. This is a huge bummer but luckily I have friends in the US that will ‘angel’ one for me after my hiatus. Take that Lulu!! Hopefully this is just a rumour  but I’m thinking we can expect to see more and more diversified items that are unique to each store location. Hmmmmm….even more scarcity of product? Oh well, I guess we can all rely on resellers instead. 

Sing, Floss, Travel Jacket

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