In this image you can see that the White Mind Over Matter Pullover is Ribbed Luxtreme, unlike the other colors available in the pullover (purple grape or black shown below). This makes me gravitate to the white one most of all since it has the added texture on it. 

I’m really impressed by these crops. I like the amount of circle mesh they were able to add into the lower leg and the reflective striping in the ruffles is an added technical feature bonus. The only thing more they could have added to these crops was an extra deep thigh pocket. Higher rise luxtreme running crops ensure they wont slip down on you on your runs. Overall though I think Lululemon really hit it out of the ballpark with these ones and I can’t wait to get mine from Cali Lulu Buyers (from California if you hadn’t guessed) who want to make sure I get these before my upcoming BMO Vancouver Marathon happening in exactly 24 days, 16 hrs and 02 minutes and 17 seconds. 

Mind Over Matter Crops

RUN: Mind Over Matter CropRUN: Mind Over Matter Crop

Mind Over Matter Pullover

RUN: Mind Over Matter PulloverRUN: Mind Over Matter PulloverAlternate View

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