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Store Report ~ White Dance Studio Crops and More

Store Report ~ White Dance Studio Crops and More

Dance Studio Crops White/Lined

I got these today but I had to bring home both the 8 and 10 to decide. I’m really torn between the two sizes. The size 8 give me slight muffin top but is tighter in the rear and less see thru in the butt. The size 10 is looser in the waist so no muffin top but there’s a bit of excess fabric below the waist. The Butt is looser but then slightly see thru. Once I decide which one will be most comfortable i’ll tear the tags off since they’re perfect for the weather we’re having right now.  really loved how the white looked with my Iris Aura Jacket and think it will look really pretty with other colors such as Wren or Snorkel or the new color called Surge Blue. The crops are lined with what I think is coolmaxx, a thin tshirt jersey like material. It keeps it from being totally sheer but it’s still a bit see thru in certain areas like the front pockets and that didn’t change when I went up in size and the fit was looser.  

In A Cinch Dress Black Seabed

I tried this dress on today in a size 8 and really, really loved it a lot.  The length was above the knee for me and the vitasea cotton material is really ideal for this type of dress to keep it from showing too much imperfections and from being too clingy. It offers a bit more weight then the Pima cotton does and a nicer drape. I think I would get this dress in a size 10 for me only because I have a pear shape and I want the bottom half to flow more away from my hips then the size 8 did but I think this dress is TTS in most cases. If your between sizes and heavy on the bottom try the size up.  There is some mesh detailing around the neck line and the vitasea is super soft and cool. I also saw a Lively Tee in the black Seabed print made out of Vitasea. Today I passed on this dress because I don’t have an immediate need for it but it is wishlisted for a later date. I also saw the scoopneck dress but didn’t bother to try it on. I know that dress is too short for me and not very flattering on fuller bottomed figures. 

Mind Over Matter Crops Black Seabead Print/Black/Grapeseed

I adore these crops. They are amazing!! The luxtreme is slightly softer then my other luxtreme bottoms but not sheer, and they offer more compression then my Dash Crops. The length is a bit longer on my short legs but there still a nice crop length for me. The vast amount of Circle Mesh on the lower leg makes these really a great option for those of us that don’t like to wear shorts running. These are TTS but if your between two sizes in the luxtreme bottoms you can go down one size. I went with these in a size 8. I also saw a Swiftly Tech SS in Tango Red but I passed on it for now. I don’t love a crewneck on short sleeved tops for me. 

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 Sing Floss Travel Crops Heathered Blurred Grey, Heathered Wren and Black

These crops I didn’t try on but they’re cotton french terry and the same length as the Dance Studio Crops. They have nice front pockets and seam detailing above the knee that almost makes it look like an articulated knee detail but it’s not quite that. on the outside of the upper thigh where the seam detail ends there is a silverish button detail, right where the models hands are. These are also slightly less casual then the Lulu Crops.

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