I was able to quickly make it out to the store to grab myself the Wren Modern Racer Tank and found a few details to share on the latest tanks. Nothing else was new in store today other then these items.

Cool Racerback Tank, Black Citron Tinted Canvas

I passed on this CRB today despite liking the print. The fabric content is 94% polyester and I really didn’t like the feel of it or the sheen. I briefly considered just getting it but I reconsidered because I just know I will never gravitate to this tank in my closet based on the feel of it.

Cool Racerback Tank, Pink Mist

Cool Racerback

Pink Mist CRB is a new Luon Light version (thinner then the other CRB’s). I really liked the color in person and the luon is Nylony which I like. It also had some slightly more obvious weave lines in it then you would see in some of the other CRB tanks. In the end I passed on it for now because the thinnes in such a pale color makes it quite sheer. I need to try this one on in a brighter fitting room to see exactly what it is I’m showing the world. Slight sheerness is ok when layering but I may consider sizing up in this one. I’m really hoping we see this color in the Moder Racer Tanks because I’d love to layer it with the Wren MRT but I probably wouldn’t layer a CRB with the Modern Tank. 

Modern Racer Tank, Wren

Gorgeous in person. The Wren and Grapeseed colors feel thicker then the Iris one.

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