Upload Thursday ~ My Temptations

Drat! I could have had an extra hour of sleep today since I was up at 7 for the upload and it didn’t start till 8. Anywhoo, so far these items have shown up. I think it’s mostly going to be a restock day and I really hope to see a Long Sleeve Swiftly Tech Tee in Power Purple. Things from my imagination that I would like to see would be an all Iris Long Sleeve Swiftly Tech Tee, A Snorkel Aura Jacket, an Iris Pure Focus Tank. Other then that I’ve gone ahead and got a second pair of Dance Studio Crops since yesterday it felt too warm for jeans already. I’m patiently waiting for the Modern Racer Tanks in Snorkel and Violaceous to show up.

OK, I’m pissed we didn’t see the Modern Racer Tanks? How bout you guys? What did you buy today?

Run Pacesetter Pullover

No Iris????? What the Hell??

Lulu Pant II Heathered Wren

These are yummy! If you don’t already have Lulu II pants grab these in Heathered Wren.

I prefer non black neutral colors for these pants because I find black fades. 

Run Record Breaker Jacket Snorkel

Snorkel blue is such a flattering color! 

Aura Pullover

This will be gone in a flash. 

Scuba Hoodie Violaceous

Dance Studio Crop

Practical purchase for me. 

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