Upload Thursday + A Mom Lesson

It looks like not a lot was uploaded today as expected. I had a few items on my wishlist (Pure Focus Tank, Modern Racer Tank) that didn’t make it today but I’m kind of glad of that because I missed this mornings upload. My daughter had a minor fall yesterday and ended up with a concussion (lethargy, vomiting and all) so today I had her in at the Dr’s office for a follow up to the ER visit. All is well, but I just wanted to mention to other moms how even a small fall can cause a concussion. My daughter has had much, much worse falls then what happened yesterday and I guess it was all in how she landed but she immediately was acting very differently, very sleepy and introverted and then she started vomiting. I underestimated the fall at first but just kept mentioning to my friend how something was just not right with how she was behaving (always trust your mommy instinct) anyways, when she started vomiting I knew we were in trouble so we called an ambulance and she was treated for shock and diagnosed with a minor concussion. Oy Vey toddlers are hard work!

What did all of you buy today? Did you all buy this Down Time Jacket in Unicorn Tears?

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