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March 28, 2011

Well I had a lovely afternoon with Nancy from Your Personal Lulu Shopper and a few other Lulu gals from the community checking out the newest items. Nancy is such a lovely person and she wears her Lulu so beautifully. I think she should offer styling tips as well as shopping services.

There was not a whole lot in today’s product drop which I sort of expected. I saw all four colors of the Mudra Wrap  (heathered White Snow, Heathered Clarity Grey, Black and Heathered Coal) and really liked it quite a lot so I brought one home in Coal.

Mudra Wrap

Mudra WrapMudra WrapAlternate View

The Mudra Wrap is about the same weight, or slightly thinner then the Chai Time Pullover but with a tighter knit then the Chai so its soft and silky but slightly sheer which is perfect for summer. The drape at the ‘lapels’ is much prettier then the Live Healthy since there is much less fabric to cause bulk in the front which was my issue with it. Nancy tried this wrap on and an educator helped her tie the longer pieces at the front/sides in the rear and then with the back fabric pulled over top, this turned it into a pretty streamlined shrug with no visible knots. The buttons are handy to make the wrap shorter but there are not a lot of options for how to use the buttons. As soon as I see a variety of pictures for this wrap and how to wear it I will post them here for you. If you waited out the Live Healthy Wrap but have been wanting something similar then I think this is definitely worth a try, the subtle differences in this version may be just what you needed.

In Stride Jacket Tango Red and Grape Seed

In Stride JacketIn Stride JacketAlternate View

Tango red is definitely a true red but it leans towards tomato red  with a touch of candy apple in it. Not nearly as orange as Alarm was but this is a very warm red for sure and I don’t think it has any blue undertone to it. I find this picture to be quite accurate of what the color looks like in person. I think I’d like this red more in a cotton piece such as a Modern Racer Tank. Luon makes colors look very saturated. 

Static Grape Seed
You probably will strongly disagree with my opinion of Static Grape Seed but I just didn’t care for it in person, not in the static at least but that’s probably tainted by my dislike of static luon in general.  It was a lot more pastel then the old Static Lolo Purple Cool Racerback Tanks and has darker purple contrasting on it at all the zippers. It’s very pretty, just not to my favour and too soft a purple for me.

Lively Crewneck Tee Heathered Iris Wee Stripe (HSHGllsw)
Lively Crewneck TeeLively Crewneck TeeAlternate ViewI really liked this Tee. I have the same color/print in the Modern Racer Tank and If I had not already purchased the tank a few weeks ago I may have considered the tee instead. I really love this heathered Iris a lot and find it looks really pretty paired with Wren. The Modern Tank has a bit more visual interest to it since it has the seam detailing around the arms and neck with the different direction of the wee stripe and the contrast stitch. It’s just a bit more obvious in the tank then it is in the tee.

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