**Updating this post with pictures as they come up**

The only info so far on this Aura jacket is that it’s reversible and made of organic cotton. I will update as soon as I find out more. It’s currently in US stores. It looks like it has a metal zipper (blerg!!) and a giant hood that when the front zipper is unzipped can be worn as a cape over your shoulders. Also the arms look narrow and the body a bit looser. I’ll have to try this one on to check on fit. I think I’m interested in this jacket if it’s a long jacket in the Wear With All/Live Simply style but I would want it in a pretty color such as Iris or Violaceous (or both!!). I’m all Greyed out and refuse to buy another grey item.

Uh-Oh, I’m really liking the purple (could it be the tango red Lulu Addict posted about today?) stripey side. looks like ruching at the lower arm. 


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