Iconic Wraps Are Back

I forgot to mention the last time I was in my local Lulu that I spotted black Iconic Wraps. I used to have this wrap in static charcoal and really liked it for wearing over tanks but ultimately I sold it for a couple of reasons. The main one being that I didn’t like how it looked under open jackets. I know, I know, I’m neurotic like that. Also, the one I had was a size 10, and although you can size up in this wrap (at the time I was solidly a 10) , the extra drape in fabric at the lower belly wasn’t very flattering on me and it just ended up looking a bit sloppy on me once I dropped a bit of weight. So because I neglected it in my closet and never really wore it more then one way I ended up selling it and now I’m hunting for something similar to be worn over tanks but with an open front and not all one piece. The Oasis wrap is nice enough, I just haven’t liked the colors I’ve seen in it yet and also I think I’d like something in a knit to make it look a bit dressier so I’m holding out hope that the Mudra Wrap is something that will work for me.

  1. I really disliked the iconic wrap. I think the idea was good, but in the end, I just did not like how it fit at all. I sold it right away on eBay though, so some people seem to like it…

  2. Any idea if this is coming back again, or might you want to sell your size 10? I had a black one and I lost it at my high school reunion. I think somebody took it home, I'm hoping accidentally. It was one of my favorite tops and I'm super bummed about it.
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