Late last year Lululemon moved the Global Head Office to this popular Vancouver landmark at 1818 Cornwall Ave. as a short term lease but I suspected it may become permanent as the building was slated for ‘revitalization’ as it does not meet current energy efficiency or sustainability standards and was scheduled for redevelopment by March 2013. Lululemon announced yesterday that it has decided to purchase the building with the purchase being finalized in early March. I’m interested to know what plans Lululemon has for ‘luluizing’ the building and making it more energy efficient and sustainable. From what I understand, the neighborhood wasn’t very thrilled at the potential for the building being converted into more high density dwellings so I’m sure Kits is thrilled to have Lululemon take over this building and give it a much needed facelift. The building is 130,000 square feet but currently Lululemon is occupying 70,000 square feet with 300 employees.

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