Calm and Cozy Pullover

I am in big trouble with this sweater. I love my Chai Time Pullover and use it very often so this one is very tempting. The color shown is Heathered Concord Grape but it also comes in Black and Grey Heathered Sand Dune. It’s a Cashmere blend so I assume it’s the same as the Chai Time Pullover and the Express Yourself Wrap which is a 5% cashmere with Bamboo Rayon. I do find I need to baby my sweater by washing it gently and laying flat to dry, and the underarms require occasional grooming by picking off the little pills that form. Also, the knit can look a bit fuzzy at times but that goes away every time I wash it. If this gets uploaded on Thursday for a reasonable price I will be torn because I wont know what color to choose.

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