I wore my Bliss tank this weekend and I really, really love it. I had one day were I had second thoughts after taking off the tags because the straps were so long that the girls felt a little bit too free. I readjusted the straps to fit shorter and also added in some cups (suggested by someone I think on FB, not too sure who) and it really made such a huge difference. Much more structured top and still perfect for nursing. I didn’t find the bottom part too puffy at all for me.

I really miss wearing my favourite silk top by BCBG but I refuse to wear it with drooley little ones as I’ve had water stains on it before that I was very lucky to get of. So It’s nice to have a new top that is pretty like my BCBG one and silky but that I can get it dirty and all it needs is to be thrown into the wash. I was impressed to find out that the silky material on the bottom (tencel) is a version of luon. Looked pretty cute with my Seek the Peek crops and got compliments from the hubby and my sister.

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