Monday, November 28, 2022

Call For Contributors

by Cristina
writers wanted

I’m so excited to share a dream I’ve had to grow this website for a long time now. The only thing that has a stopped me is not knowing quite how to ask for what I need and want, or what steps to take to grow my idea. I’ve searched outside this community for writers off and on over the past three years but it never felt like an organic match.  And then It dawned on me… just put it out there. Or here… in a post. 

For years I’ve wanted The Sweat Edit to be a platform for all of our voices, and the perspectives and ideas that matter to our community. This blog started as a little niche community fan group back in 2010, and it’s always wanted to be much bigger in purpose. Meeting so many of you in person at Seawheeze and seeing this community of vastly different experiences has always inspired me. It’s inspired me beyond the theme of our mutual love of fitness and fashion. I love this community and I want writers from within our community, that align with our community. 

This community gave ME a platform and a voice back in 2010 when I was nursing a brand new baby in the middle of the night, feeling a little bit lost and alone, and feeling the urge to throw my voice out into the online abyss. The audaciousness of that first blog post has a rewarded me multi-fold and helped me forge a self-sustaining career. Now it’s time to expand the self-sustaining nature of this blog and see if it can somehow grow to sustain others in some way, and create something bigger. 

Wether you want to share your journey with IVF, adoption, infertility, pregnancy loss, motherhood, your mental health journey, your time as an elite or college level athlete, an essay on the current culture climate, a health crisis you had…. all the nitty-gritty stories we share with each other when we have the ***space*** – I want to create that space here for us, with the opportunity to create ‘side-hustles’ for those of you who aspire to write. I want to share my own ‘stuff’ too.   So here is the gig: 

Have you thought about a side gig as a writer?

writers wanted

The Sweat Edit is expanding content verticals and I’m looking for a team of contributing culture writers and editors to add to the mix. This submission call-out is for unique female voices with a perspective on today’s culture that we need to hear. The assignments will start slow with perhaps one-off gigs each month, and as possible expand to more regular assignments. Writers will be selected from submissions and topic pitches. 

This is a great opportunity for someone who may be an emerging content creator, blogger, or influencer that has an interest in spreading your wings writing compensated culture articles. This is also an opportunity to create exposure for your own brand. Or, perhaps you want to write essays anonymously or under a pseudonym.

Additionally, I welcome anyone with an expertise in fitness, wellness, women’s health, nutrition or fashion. Professional experience in writing is not required and all strong, unique voices will be considered.  

If you’d like to pitch an article idea for submission, or would be interested in writing on assignment, please send a writing sample to [email protected] Compensation will be provided for submissions selected for publication on The Sweat Edit. 

call for content contributors