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New find today (Classy classic in new colors)

June 1, 2010

I ran into Metrotown today and made a stop in at the Lulu to try on the new clothes. Just as I was about to leave I hit jackpot. I…

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The Halter Hoodie-New in store

Wish I could see this on a model. Looks questionable without someone filling it out. wait, is this it?…

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Another work wear to gym wear combo (Cali roll)

Another cute put together outfit for outside the gym, although I think it works better work to gym and not gym to work.…

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Bliss Tank 2 uses in.

I wore my Bliss tank this weekend and I really, really love it. I had one day were I had second thoughts after taking off the tags because the straps…

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Hooded Sunblocker shirt

May 31, 2010

I didn’t try this one on because I had two little crankies with me but it looks really cute on this girl and seem more forgiving in the waist than…

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Gather Dance Strap Tank

This one had a strange back like the Mynah tank with the middle band and then the twisted straps up by the shoulders. Lulu had a new summer t-shirt dress…

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Run: with it Jacket and new twist dress and t-shirts

I really liked this jacket as street wear with my jeans but I’m not sure this is something I would run in because hoods bother me when running. plus, if…

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New print in the MODERN (not cool) racerback

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Today is a shopping day!

I’m off later this morning to my Coquitlam store to see whats new. Keeping my fingers crossed for some Lux hoodies, swift fabric pants (maybe Ill try on the white…

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Check out those Harem pants

May 30, 2010

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