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Halter Hoodie, Rear View

June 3, 2010

Don’t love the carved out back. But probably a lot cooler for summer.…

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Halter Hoodie

This is a picture of the Halter Hoodie. It looks really different from what I expected and pretty cute but I wont loose sleep over getting this one or not.…

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Really like the Potion Purple

June 2, 2010

Although I LOVE the Savage and Potion Foxy plaid in all of the other bags, in this bag I prefer the plain Potion Purple maybe because it’s such a structured…

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This is the Potion Classy Classic

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Sizes…were are the size 12’s going?

This is kinda annoying. Everything coming out lately is minus size 12’s and there letting the 12’s run out in the bras that do come in that size. I’ve moved…

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Savasana Wrap

I’ve never tried this on before but I think I should, looks pretty cozy. I would love to see a picture of the different configurations on how to wear this,…

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No Limit Tank

I didn’t know the back came like this. I don’t think the older ones do. Very cute colors, especially the Oasis one.…

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New Stuff

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lululemon athletica Oakridge If you were a piece of lululemon clothing, what would you be and why?

haha this is funny. I know someone who would be a Luon pant -such a pill.…

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The Tranquil Crop from 2009 and Lux Sweatshirts

So I got these Beechlu crops last spring/summer and loved them because they were so soft and such a pretty color (Aruba) but for some reason they started pilling really…

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