Best Tips On Scoring Lululemon Deals

Many people are under the misconception that Lululemon never marks items down and that when they do the markdowns are minimal. So not true! Over the years I have scored many of my favourite pieces on steep markdown and I’ve come up with a list of ways for you too to search for these treasures. 

First and foremost, you must follow my blog Lulumum which will always be the first tip off of when the next warehouse sale or big sale will happen. I get intel from a variety of sources and know when the sales happen before they have been officially announced, or sometimes a list of items that are slated for markdown will land in my hands. Black Friday, Boxing Day and the Warehouse Sale (on line and at locations) are always the biggest ones, but throughout the year you will find just as great deals sporadically mixed in the racks. 

Every Thursday morning around 9am PST lululemon uploads markdown items to their ‘We Made Too Much’ section of their website. These markdowns happen on Wednesdays in stores. Sometimes you will see a large rolling rack of sales items but sometimes you have to dig around the regular racks to find those little purple markdown stickers. If your local store has one style of an item lingering in one or two sizes they will mark that item down to make room for the next round of new products, and those items are hidden amongst the full price items. I’m always on the lookout for $19 Cool Racerbacks and 105F Singlets or sports bras (regularly priced at $42-$52) and have purchased many of them at the sales price.These tanks are basic for me and pull double duty as a year round fitness staple and layering piece for casual wear.  Lululemon refreshes their products on a weekly basis and each store gets around 24 boxes of items weekly, so that means items must be quickly marked down to make room for the new goods. Things don’t usually linger beyond three weeks in store as the new color palettes get released on the first of the month. 

Follow the fashion seasons. Right now we are in Fashion ‘Spring’ even though it is currently winter, therefore all the down filled winter running items are slated to be marked down soon to make room for warmer weather gear.If it’s still cold in your neck of the woods than that is a double score for you because you will make use of those ‘out of season’ items right now. If it is warm, you are investing for next years winter running. 

Lululemon is now offering free ‘charge-sends’ in almost all of their stores and outlets. If you follow the store outlets on Facebook they often share photos of the items they have on markdown in a photo album. You can then phone that store (country specific) and purchase that item over the phone using a gift card or credit card and have it shipped to you for free.  Please take advantage of this awesome customer service they are offering! It is amazing. 

Another way to save on Lululemon is to join the many fan run lululemon resale sites on Facebook. Some of these groups are auction style, some are fixed listings for prices at or below retail. Pick and choose which site best suits your budget as some are meant to sell coveted items at top dollar and some are meant to pass on deals.

current example from Las Vegas Outlet

Lululemon Warehouse Sale 2014
Lululemon Boxing Day Sale 2012

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