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If you participate in Blackout Tuesday, remember to also not use hashtags. Using popular hashtags related to this movement pushes the content down months in the feed. It erases black content, and reporting, and information begin shared that is relevant. Blackout Tuesday is about muting ourselves. Refrain from posting hashtags.

The Influencers From My Feed That Creatively Energize Me

These are some of the most engaging, inspiring and creatively energizing accounts on my instagram feed.

I always understood intellectually how homogenized influencer/blogger world is, but I got to truly experience what that looks like in a room all at once a few years ago at the absolute pageantry of a big blogger/influencer event, and what a vacuum that creates.

Seeing not only how underrepresented this medium is, but…..not even slightly diversified at the most influential numbers…You might not truly get that just looking at your feed as flat lays, ootd’s and recipes infinitely scroll showing you things to entice you.

Go through your feed. See if it’s diversified to content that’s different from your world. See how much of the images ignite your creativity, make you think, give you pause, take your breath away, make you curious. See what makes you passively accept a validation of your own reality. There is so much exciting content out there but its too crowded a landscape to appreciate it sometimes and we don’t reward the right kind of content with our attention.

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