Mail day! My Lululemon X Roksanda Break New Ground 1/2 Zip just arrived in the Garnet/Rustic Coral/Caliente colorway.

I did a full fit review of the Roksanda Break New Ground 1/2 Zip in the black when it first came out in November. It’s been too cold to wear it, but it is definitely a love item from my 2019 purchases. I’ve been eagerly waiting for the second half of the Roksanda capsule to drop and I was planning to purchase this in the Navy/Emerald colorway. When I saw the Garnet one though I was in love, so I ordered that one instead. I love that it’s three colors contrasted vs. the two.

I had originally purchased this 1/2 zip in a size L, and although it fit a bit on the larger side I was happy enough with the fit that I didn’t bother trying on the M for comparison. This time around I ordered the M and although it fits perfectly with the sides unzipped which is how I plan to wear it, I think it looks a bit too fitted around the hips zipped up. I love the gold contrast panel with it unzipped so I will be wearing it that way, but I like having the option to wear it either way so I am exchanging this for the L.

Lululemon X Roksanda Break New Ground 1/2 Zip

Lululemon X Roksanda Break New Ground 1/2 Zip, Garnet Rustic Coral Caliente
Lululemon X Roksanda Break New Ground 1/2 Zip

Sides zipped closed. It’s ‘ok’ but I don’t like how it’s snug around my hips.

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This is how the L looks with the sides fully zipped up.

Lululemon x Roksanda Break New Ground 1/2 Zip, Break New Ground Tights
Lululemon x Roksanda Break New Ground 1/2 Zip, Break New Ground Tights

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  1. The medium looks nice, too. If you’re going to wear it casually, I’d say the medium is your size. If you’re going to move around in it, like hiking, running, biking, whatever–I’d go for the large. But they both look nice.

  2. I really like it unzipped on the garnet one. The pop of color on the sides is fun!! I like how they made the reflective dots look like a polka dot pattern too. It looks cute on you!

  3. So pretty, thanks for sharing!! I love that these jackets fit into a small pouch, perfect for running workouts when travelling.

  4. Did anyone try the new Roksanda sweatshirt on? What do you think? I wasnt expecting the hoody style pockets at the front. Love the back but not sure about the front because it poofs out a bit with the pockets and is quite plain. It is super soft and comfy and nice length though.

    1. It looked terrible on me from the back. It just looked like a weird droopy shape because my shoulders didn’t fill out the top.

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