Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Selfies part 5! This set of selfies is also from the Nordstrom Canada sale and I have the other half of the try-ons from today in this post. I hope you are enjoying ALL of the Anniversary Sale Posts this year! I think I’ve earned a glass of wine tonight! I’ve now done two ‘first days‘ of the Anniversary Sale.

The Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Selfies

The Handbags I Most Liked In The Anniversary Sale

Nomad Burnished Leather Crossbody Bag COACH | Anniversary Sale 2019

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Right from the beginning when we first saw the catalog I really loved this little yellow Coach bag. There are two sizes. The little one comes in black and yellow, the large one comes in yellow or brown. I prefer this smaller size which just looks so cute! It has plenty of room for essentials (wallet, keys, large cell phone, lipstick etc.) It’s such a great shape and if you are in the market for a new handbag, there are some great options for you here! The hottest selling handbag from the sale, the Clare V. was not in store today.

Nomad Burnished Leather Crossbody Bag COACH | Anniversary Sale 2019

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This is another bag I liked. I have to admit that it’s the color that drew me in most, and then the shape. Tory Burch bags are very solid and definitely one I’d consider if I was shopping for a new handbag.

The Anniversary Sale Smythe Blazers (Canada Exclusive)

Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Try-Ons | Smythe Blazer, Smythe Birkin Blazer

** ALERT**
The Smythe Blazers are now part of the US NSALE right here! American readers can now access the sale price!

Every year the Veronica Beard Blazers at the Anniversary Sale are the big thing to splurge on, and they sell out. I love Veronica blazers but I LOVE my Smythe Blazer even more. It’s a Canadian brand, and Canadian made mostly. This is rare for Canada to have a luxury brand that is also made in Canada.

Besides my obvious bias, the material is always very high quality. The Duchess Blazer I have, my husband got it for me for Christmas, is a beautiful thin wool suiting material and the drape is so luxurious. It feels so good on! I do love my Veronica Beard blazer, but the material is usually a sythnthetic blend (especially at the NSALE). The price points are very similar so I would recommend the Smythe Blazers over the Veronica Beard if you had a choice between the two on sale. Canada got three Smythe Blazers, US got Veronica Beard and L’Agence.

I take a size 14 in Smythe Blazers and they run really small and very tailored. Because of the curvy feminine fit you should expect to size up. I’m a size 8/10 and the 12 was too small on me.

Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Try-Ons | Smythe Blazer, Smythe Birkin Blazer
Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Try-Ons | Smythe Blazer, Smythe Birkin Blazer

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Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Try-Ons | Smythe Blazer, Smythe Duchess Blazer

Shop Smythe On Sale Here

Smythe Duchess Blazer
Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Try-Ons | Smythe Blazer, Smythe Duchess Blazer

Shop Smythe On Sale Here

The Affordable Fuzzy Teddy Jacket

Anniversary Sale 2019 | Alo Yoga Foxy Faux Fur Jacket
Anniversary Sale 2019 | Alo Yoga Foxy Faux Fur Jacket

Jacket: Size M

Buy The Jacket Here

I didn’t try on much activewear during this years sale but I did have my eye on this Alo Yoga Jacket, and I liked several Adidas pieces. I was considering ordering this jacket in the lavender brown colour at the start of the sale on Friday. Now that I’ve tried it on I’m glad I didn’t. Although it is really cute, I think it’s a very unflattering amount of bulk for my shape. You need to be a bit taller and leaner, or even just curvy but tall to make this jacket work. It’s very warm and cozy though.

My Outfit Details Today

  1. I have really been enjoying all your Anniversary Sale coverage! The try-ons, the fit/quality notes, comparing the US sale vs. Canada, the FB group, and the links to everything! You have put so much work into it. I am loving every moment and it’s been fun to see all the selfies and new posts. It feels like I’m shopping alongside you.! Thanks for all that you do!!

  2. I tried the grey/black Smythe blazer, but it didn’t work for me. Also, the lapels were pretty substantial, which I didn’t love.

    Thanks for your posts!

  3. Loving all these posts!!
    And OMG that grey Smythe blazer. Drool.
    Really enjoying discussing shopping (beyond new, slightly different shades of lulu colors) with you and your readers lately 🙂

    A couple days ago I got the Paul Green booties at the NAS in store. I don’t have booties at all and they are so delicious! Also quite pricey so I would have to make some returns to keep them but I’m trying to channel you and focus on splurge pieces rather than a bunch of shirts and mediocre quality sweaters during this sale! I have to say that the two gorgeous Sezane sweaters I got thanks to you this past month have helped me “just say no” during NAS and they also make great quality vs mediocre easy to see.

    1. That Smythe Blazer was so tempting. My friend texted to tell me she liked that one best too. I think if I were to go back today it would be gone.

      Ooh those Paul Green booties are really nice!! I was holding them the other day but the store didn’t have my size to try on. Definitely go for the quality item over the mediocre. Thats an item that 5-10 years later you will still be rocking. I’m always happiest with the purchases I have made that I still love after many years.

      I’m still swooning over my Sezane purchases. They’ve really elevated my closet. I noticed they did archive restocks today. Not the Hamptons blouse in red though

  4. Thank you for these fit reviews! I love the blue leather jacket, Vince silk blouses, burgundy faux fur, Smythe Blazers – you look great in all of these (and in general by the way – your health journey is obviously working!). I am a huge supporter of Cdn brand Smythe, have many!! of their items. I am not a big fan of the elbow patch they sometimes use though. I love the gold blazer (am obsessed with that color lately), but would prefer w/o the elbow patch.

    1. Thank you!!! You loved all the same pieces I did. I feel like the grey Smythe may be a huge regret that I didn’t purchase. Hopefully next year they have Smythe again. I was so excited to get my black one at Christmas and I really treasure it. Agreed about the elbow patches. Although Smythes elbow patches are less offensive than others I’ve seen. The gold blazer didn’t draw me in of the three until I tried it on and I thought that one looked really amazing and more neutral than I expected.

  5. I really must try the Duchess blazer when the sale opens to public here in Canada. I commented on your IG too but I have a difficult figure for blazers. I am fairly tall (5’7″) but my very large bust combined with narrow shoulders and small ribcage make blazer buying such a nightmare. I hope it will fit me without need of tailoring.

    I’ve been enjoying your coverage too (honestly I skip over everyone else’s coverage of this sale). The blazer will be my only purchase if it fits.

    1. Definitely! And try many sizes because I’ve read a lot of people size way up it to accomodate bust size but because it’s such a tailored contoured shape it fits really well even being sized up. I wouldn’t do any major tailoring on a suit that alters the structure (and increases the cost) but I would totally tailor a blazer that is too large in the sleeve length or width. I never button mine up either. Are you in Toronto? Toronto gets Smythe sample sales every once in a while. If I hear of any coming up I will let you know.

  6. Ahhhhh! Three of the Sezane tops I wanted came back in stock. It’s amazing how fast the things I’ve been stalking at NAS can go from “need!” to “meh” LOL. Thanks so much for the restock tip!

    1. I’m so glad! which ones did you get? Let me know if you ever see that Hamptons blouse. it’s my favourite item I purchased and I haven’t seen the red on any resale sights.

  7. Today I ordered the Bea (black), Abby (Ruby) and Clothilde (black) blouses. I am so excited about all three and will keep them if they fit well.

    Other than this order, I have kept: dereck jumper (ecru), Audrey dress (red), danae tee (navy), calie dress (black), Diana dress (black), loly tee (ecru), and tilia jumper (white, not on sale but GORGEOUS).

    Sezane might be my new fave brand!
    That hamptons top is darling. I like their eyelet and crocheted-type stuff the best (like the Diana and calie dresses). I feel like so few brands do this well!

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