The Anniversary Sale 2019 Public Access is Here!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 Public Access eve is here! Tomorrow morning the sale opens up to the public. I wanted to share with you my top picks. I also have my runner ups from the sale in case you needed some inspiration.

My picks are all on the spendy side, but I really view this sale as an opportunity. At the Anniversary Sale you can pick up some high quality, classic investment pieces. You can also stock up on higher quality basics like denim, bras and undewear.

My Biggest Sale Advice

My Anniversary Sale philosophy is: Yes that $15 tee is really tempting but if I really wanted it I’d splurge for the $25 full price version whenever. It’s taken me a few years to get to this mindframe but I really feel like it’s the right move. Those small inconsequential purchases all do add up to roughly the same amount. It’s just like a daily coffee purchase habit. It feels like your spending less and that is really enticing. It’s harder to justify to yourself spending $300 on a jacket than it is spending $300 on a bunch of different items. I’ve been really scouring the hauls on social media. Those affordable hauls more often than not add up to quite a lot.

Why buy 5 pairs of shoes that wear out in one season? And that you discover hurt after 1 month? Instead get that one awesome pair that lasts 10 years and fit like a glove. Instead of buying it 4-6 tops, considering just getting one really great pair of jeans or a great coat. That is so much better for the environment and your wallet. You will be way better dressed for it too!

Another thing… If your wishlist items end up being sold out, don’t buy something you sort of like just as a consolation prize. You don’t have to get something from this sale. There are tons of sales throughout the year and lots of opportunities to get all of the above items I’ve mentioned. I will do my best to let you know whenever these opportunites pop up!

My Top Picks

One more thing I wanted to mention is that my #1 item, the Smythe Birkin Blazer is a Canadian exclusive. ** AMERICANS! You can now buy the Smythe Blazers on sale too! Find them here! American’s are my highest readership so many of you may be disapointed that you can’t find the same Smythe Birkin Blazer marked down. Here is the landing page for it in case you wanted to see profuct info for it. I’m really excited that it’s made in Canada! I actually didn’t buy it yesterday and then I really regretted it so I went today to pick it up. I will be returning a few items to make room for it. Instead of this blazer you could consider the Veronica Beard (a few sizes restocked) , L’Agence (3 sizes in stock), Theory (all sizes) or Rag & Bone (all sizes available).

Happy Shopping!! Let us know in the comments what you are ordering! Or if you have any questions. This community is so amazing for crowdsourcing.

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Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Try-Ons | Smythe Blazer
  1. Thanks for all the coverage! Glad you got the Smythe blazer you wanted. That style didn’t do much for me – it sort of hit me at a weird length and flared out at the hips.

    I got two amazing blouses – a black sleeveless Frame and a black silk Lafayette called the Georgina button sleeve – the Lafayette one is similar to the cream Vince one that you loved, but a more useful colour for me!

    1. You are so welcome! Yes the Duchess Blazer is the more universally flattering shape. I was surprised that the Birkin worked for me. I had never considered it before.

      Beautiful choices! I love the button detailing on the Lafayette top and the color. The Frame top is beautiful too! I had been eying that one online but never found it in store to try on.

  2. I love your Nsale coverage because this is when I look for investment pieces. I didn’t love any of the Vince sweaters (though I never got my hands on the green cable). I am keeping the white floral Rebecca Taylor blouse. Some pajamas. Still waiting to try the Vince booties and a Rails shirt. And I think I might not keep any denim???? I don’t know that the pair I liked fills the hole in my wardrobe. I was really hoping for denim, but the selection for longer inseams was/is sparse. Still in the deciding mode and waiting for a few more things to arrive. I was less inspired this year than I have been in a long time, probably ever. Not having to make any hard budget decisions.

    1. That Rebecca Taylor blouse is just beautiful! I hear yah on the denim. Although I love all the denim I got this year I think they are on the chopping block to go back to make room for the blazer. I do need one pair though and I’m torn between getting my favorite pair in a size down, or getting a new different pair that I loved and fits a hole in my wardrobe.
      I did notice that the denim seemed to all be 7/8th length.
      This year was definitely less cohesive with a strong focus on their house brands vs. pairing together a lot of different brand for looks. I found that really disapointing but I still did find some great pieces. Better than last year for me in that regard, but agreed that this year was less inspiring as a whole.

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