Month: June 2018

All Town Buttondown - Lululemon

Lululemon All Town Buttondown

So much confusion about the Lululemon All Town Buttondown this week! I’ve had so many questions about it popping up on the upload, and then almost immediately sold out.

Your Canada Day and 4th Of July Sales Guide

Your Canada Day and 4th Of July Sales Guide

It’s summer and you know what that means….SALES! My mind and wallet is occupied by the upcoming NSALE which is fun times for me, but we can’t ignore the fact that other retails…

Classic Wardrobe Staples - Focusing Your Sales Picks

Classic Style Wardrobe Staples

Classic Style Wardrobe Staples are items that are timeless. They are iconic pieces that have stood the test of time, and never look dated. They become the building blocks to your wardrobe.  Think of these items as an elegant blank canvas that you can add to with more vibrant, personality-filled pieces, or trendy items. Classic style staples also don’t have to mean dressy or formal.

On Pace Crop - Sun Dazed Multi Pink

Check Out What’s New At Lululemon: Lululemon Upload

The Lululemon Upload is live! This week’s posts: The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, The Complete Bra Wardrobe, #girltalk – Sugaring Hair Removal Nothing for me today, especially since I’m now in hoard money mode to…

Tend Skin For Brazilian Hair Removal

#Girltalk I Tried Sugaring Brazilian On My Bikini Area

I Tried Sugaring Brazilian On My Bikini Area and I’m here to share that experience with you because it’s my job! This post is so awkward to write and definitely a bit of TMI

New York Central Park Skyline

My Amazing Week In Manhattan, New York

Last week I got the opportunity to tag along for my husbands business trip to Manhattan, New York, which coincided with our 14th wedding anniversary. I love New York so as soon…

Wunder Under Crop Hi-Rise Blossom Spritz Multi

The Lululemon New Product Upload

Lululemon New Product upload is live! Last weeks posts: #NYC Shopping, The Upload, My New Mini Cross Body Bag Nothing for me today but that Sea Steel Shibori print is really calling to me. I…

The Everyday Skirt

Lululemon UK and Hong Kong Upload

The Lululemon UK sneak peeks are up! Lots to check out. Shibori prints are being heavily featured this season. Last weeks posts in case you missed them: Lululemon Upload, New York City Shopping, My New…

March 11 Poppy Flower Embroidered Dress

#NYCShopping – The Perfect March 11 Dress Dupe

Have you heard of the March 11 Dress? I can’t remember when I first saw a dress by this brand but I instantly fell in love with the traditional Ukrainian graphic embroidered,…