I found Two Cute Sweaters For Spring this past weekend on sale and I wanted to share them with you. The first one is this gorgeous pink J Crew Ruffle Neck Pullover Sweater I found at Nordstrom. It’s actually on sale here at J Crew. With the J Crew sale, the coupon code is NewNew for 40% off on 4 new styles, or you can 30% off if you are purchasing 3, 20% for 2 items or 10% for one item. I love that it’s got a chevron knit to it as well as the subtle ruffle detailing. The pink is just to die for but it also comes in navy and a soft oatmealy grey, and then the heathered charcoal is marked down already without the coupon code.

J Crew Ruffle Neck Pullover Sweater

J Crew Ruffle Neck Pullover Sweater

I wish the J Crew Ruffle Neck Pullover Sweater was ever so slightly longer because as you can see in my photo below when I raise my arms you can see a bit of my midsection. Not enough that it’s uncomfortable or that I constantly feel exposed, and I can even tuck in a bit of the front for a different style. I pretty much have to raise my arms really high for it to go above my waist. This is a size L for me and it’s nicely loose in the chest and arms. I think this is such a great transitional layer for spring. I made a really terrible mistake with this sweater. I originally purchased it at Nordstrom but then I saw that it was on sale at J Crew, so I returned the sweater thinking I’d order the J Crew one and now the pink is sold out online before I’ve had a chance to order it.

J Crew Ruffle Neck Sweater


Club Monaco Cynder Top Club Monaco Cynder Top

Club Monaco Cynder Top 

I LOVE this top. I have loved the look of cold shoulder tops but my biggest beef with them has been that I hate wearing strapless bras. Strapless bras just don’t agree with my bust shape, and they are so uncomfortable. The cold shoulder side of this top has an adjustable bow strap that completely covers my comfiest granny bra, so that is a major bonus. The other thing I love about this top is that it’s a really nice knit fabric so it’s really soft, thicker than a tee shirt but not as thick as a sweatshirt. It’s warm which is nice for a cold shoulder top, but not hot because the material floats away from the body and drapes really nicely. It’s pretty much the perfect temperature top for me for Spring. Both the size M and the size L work really well for me in this top, but I purchased it in a size L just for additional length. I love the relaxed swingy fit of this top. It’s so casual feeling, yet so put together and cute. I really love that it’s more than half off right now.

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  1. I’m wearing the charcoal J Crew sweater today! My only complaint is that it’s too short. For reference I am 5’7” and size XS. I kept it as well even though it’s a bit shorter.

  2. OMG Cristina I tried that exact first sweater on yesterday at J. Crew. It was so cute laid on the table but so horrid on me (because of my gigantic boobs,ughhh). I just cannot for the life of me pull off crew neck anything.

    I’d love to find a sweater in a similar material, same colour but in a v-neck. The search is on

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