Some new pieces tonight for the Lululemon Australia Upload. I’m liking this new Deep Mystic color, but I’m not sure about the Salt Alpine Print. I do like that we are seeing more prints released in the Fast & Free Crop. Does this mean the Fast & Free Crop is a core item? I hope so because it’s become my new favourite pair of crops for Crossfit and oly lifting.

I was at the Robson St. Lululemon today and they had some new Essentials Tank in Viridian Green and a heathered blue. I think these where a few months old based on the colors and unreleased stock for some reason and when I spoke with an ed she told me they where likely a one off release and she didn’t expect it would show up online or in other stores. Who knows. Maybe we will see them uploaded this week as well.

Deep Mystic Speed Shorts, Deep Mystic Energy Bra

Deep Mystic Energy BraDeep Mystic Speed Shorts

Fast & Free Crops Salt Alpine White Black

Fast And Free Crop Salt Alpine

Tight Stuff Tight II

Lululemon Tight Stuff Tight II

Fast & Free 7/8 Tight

Lululemon Fast & Free Tight

Sculpt Tank II 

Lululemon Sculpt Tank II Salt Alpine

Sun Setter 7/8 Tight

Lululemon Sun Setter 7/8 Tight

This Mesh On Mesh Jacket is intriguing. I’d actually wear this casually – but definitely not as weather protection. I wonder if the mesh is soft.

Mesh On Mesh Jacket

Lululemon Mesh On Mesh Jacket

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  1. Wow another upload that i will not buy. Good for wallet. I was hoping for aeriel drift in fandf …i have enough black white static print items…and the new colour looks like deepest magenta and marvel…etc. Well i need a break and this helps. I bought aeriel in speeds last week but the print on the wups is different enough that i may cave and pick those up.

  2. Anyone in Australia that could purchase some unreleased colors for the love tank and love tee crew for me? Looking for the chrome and quicksand colors in these items

  3. I really like deep mystic and it seems to be another good addition to their recent colour story. I received my Royal s/s Swiftly and I like it a lot. For someone who was so sick of heathered Swiftlies I am loving these deeply saturated solid colours. Although these colours are not bright and summery they have such a richness and vibrancy to them because they don’t have the heathered black or white threading.

    It looks like the UK has their upload already with Run Times in Royal and the Scuba lV in Boysenberry which is calling my name. I liked when a couple of weeks ago we got our upload sometime during Monday night so by morning it was there and I actually got my order Thursday instead of the usual Friday delivery which was nice. I would be happy if this were the norm from now on.

  4. I love deep mystic but am disappointed to see it mixed with black in the Fast and Free tights in another typical Luluesque print that can’t be differentiated from the other recent prints…just like that black/white salt print on the F&F crops, TS tights and sculpt tank…it all looks the same as doesn’t remotely say SPRING! I do like that mesh jacket as an athleisure piece.

  5. Sad the floral print that was previewed last week didn’t make it to the upload. Hopefully it uploads in NA first.

  6. How is the compression of the Fast & Free crops? Do they have more or less than the Tight Stuff Tights?

    1. Less than Tight Stuff Tights. If you like compression when running you won’t like the Fast and free’s. It’s nulux so a “naked” feel, i.e. – no compression

  7. I’m glad to hear you like the mesh jacket. I like it as well but there were some “mesh jacket – lol” comments on the site that I was beginning to question my taste! I guess different tastes make the world go around! 🙂

    Love your blog and look forward to your posts. Especially the fit reviews!

      1. I have two similar mesh jackets that I love actually. Some ppl may not find a purpose for one but sometimes I want an airy long sleeve but still be somewhat covered

  8. I was originally drawn to the Deep Mystic color, but then I took a look at my Moonlit Magenta Speed shorts and realized is practically the same color. Deep Mystic might be one shade darker. Still way too similar to justify having both. Come on Lulu, are we ever gonna get some fresh new summery colors?!

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