Here is the Tuesday morning, pre-upload Lululemon Fit Review! I love doing my Lululemon fit reviews but much prefer it when the stores get products on Monday so we have a days heads up to the upload items.

Uncovered Muscle Tank

I was very surprised that I liked this new tank on. It’s nicely loose fitting without being boxy or shapeless and it’s long enough that I can wear this casually with jeans, jean shorts or wunder unders. I was worried that the burnout portions would be very delicate but it’s not the same as the Lean In pieces from last week. This is a cotton/polyester blend so it’s a bit more sturdy in the burnout portions vs. the very light luon burnout of the Lean In pieces. I’m not a huge fan of polyester blended cotton because I find it much hotter for summer than a regular cotton tank, but I definitely think this tank is pretty cute. It comes in white or black.

Lululemon Uncovered Muscle Tank

Lululemon Uncovered Muscle Tank

Lululemon Uncovered Muscle Tank

Essential Tank, Pace Perfect Crop

The Essential Tank is one of my top favourite go-to lululemon tank style along with original cool racerback and 105F Singlet. I’m so happy to see these back. I had a mild heart attack over them on the weekend when the Robson St. store got these two colors in, but they where sold out in every size but 2 and 4. I found the green in a size 6 and I took it home. Surprisingly, two sizes down (the 6), still fits loose around the middle and doesn’t cling to hips. I would have been happy keeping the 6 if it was all that was available. Since my store had my size today (size 10) I opted to exchange the size 6 for it because I really love the length and drape of the TTS and I love how the pleats in the back look. I highly, highly recommend this tank. It’s really cool and lightweight for workouts, and when I do handstands or burpees I just tuck it in to my pants in the front and back. It’s maybe not a sexy top since it has so much coverage, but it’s very feminine. The green is Viridian Green but I’m not sure what the blue is. The color code for the blue is HAIR.

The Pace Perfect Crops are very snug going on in my TTS 10, particularly in the waist. I’m not sure what it is about the waist but I think it’s a folded over extra wide, and it seems to have little stretch. Once on though they felt really nice on and secure and compressive. The print is backed in white, but I found them opaque and the print doesn’t seem to fade to white around the knees or upper thighs.

Lululemon Essential Tank, Pace Perfect Crop

Lululemon Essential Tank, Pace Perfect Crop

Lululemon Essential Tank, Pace Perfect Crop

Pace Perfect Crop

Essential Tank Hang Tag

Love Tank Royal

The Love Tank and Love Crewneck Tee is out in Royal and I was so tempted. I opted not to get it because I decided to get both colors of the Essential Tank. This is my TTS 10 and it’s loose enough to wear with jeans, but not oversized.

Lululemon Love Tank Royal

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  1. OT but lots of oddball items like tech mesh pants and var-city short sleeves and a dozen other items were uploaded in a size or two in each category.

  2. Thank you got your fit review on the Essential Tank, Lulumum. I generally wear a size 6 in most tanks: crescent, crb’s, y ‘s, Just breathe, etc. Would you say to size down one OR two sizes if purchased? Thank you so much keeping me posted. I really enjoy reading what your blogs. You are certainly on point!

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