I’m excited to see some of the old bright retro Lululemon colors like Antidote and Black Grape (used to be Black Swan) and Magnum which is a really nice grey. Jet Stream and Marvel are nice as well but not my favourites. The upcoming Black Currant has potential for me. Although not for me, I’m also happy to see bright summer white bottoms to pair with colors. White luon/luxtreme bottom are pretty bold for Lululemon though – those need to be guaranteed opaque and I’m just not sure Lululemon is there yet with opaque tights. 

I haven’t purchased anything today but I’d love to see an Antidote Swiftly Tech LS. I’d also may be be interested in White On The Fly Pants. I’m interested in the heathered black On The Fly pants but I don’t need them since I have solid black. I’d like to try on the Kindred Spirit Wunder Under Pants but I’m avoiding buying any more tights for the gym. Lululemon has put out so many tights over the past year and not enough tops/tanks so my purchases have mostly been bottoms. 

Did you order anything today? What do you think of the little bits of color we are seeing so far? 

Antidote Speed Shorts
Color!! I knew this color we got a sneak peek of on the Australia upload was Antidote. This is a great color.


Align Crop Black Grape


Define Jacket Marvel


Fast And Free 7/8 Tight Jet Stream


Scuba Hoodie IV Jet Stream


Wunder Under Pant Hi Rise


On The Fly Pant


Swiftly Tech LS Crew Marvel


Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve


Swiftly Tech Racerback


On The Fly Jacket


Sculpt Tank II


Cool Racerback II


Energy Bra


Speed Short


Hotty Hot Short Black Grape and Magnum


Hotty Hot Short *Long


Tracker Short


Fast And Free Bra


Push Limits Tank


Free To Be Serene Bra


More Than Modal Pant

Beware with buying these. I was so interested in them but seeing them in store I’m not getting them. They are very low quality modal and will pill and bag out and likely snag. In fact, the educators are letting customers know that these are intended to have a ‘worn in look’ after you’ve washed them. I’m more worried that the knit is so delicate that they will snag horribly. Read the reviews online for the crew neck and hoodie before Lululemon starts tinkering with deleting reviews and replacing them with 5 star reviews. 


Studio Pant *Lined


Keep Score Crop


Keep Score Tight


Lost In Pace Skirt


Seymour Long Sleeve



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  1. When you ask Lulu for more color and they bring back "antidote?!" Facepalm! Still not listening to the customer.

  2. I assume it is still too early to see changes in product. This stuff is not of interest, hoping better things are coming in the near future. I find my interest in Lulu has really dwindled, I just happen to see this pop up in my Facebook feed so I clicked. I use to live for the Tuesday drops.

  3. They ruined that blue sculpt tank by putting the mesh part in black. Why????

    The blue-ish pair of speeds look exactly like the Strive Multi speeds just without the pink. Dumb. I don't understand. There is so much they could do. The sky's the limit and they give us 5 shades of blue and now 2 prints of speeds that are almost identical.

  4. Good god, black grape/black swan yet again. Don't get me wrong, it's one of my all time me favourite colours but really? Again? And in spring? What's next? Bordeaux Drama?

    1. Agreed! LOL on bordeaux drama. But it would not surprise me. I kind of see this Marvel colour going that way.

      Also agree with anon 1:40 on antidote. It's not that exciting and personally, I would tire of it. I have a pair of crops with antidote at the waistband only (rest of crop is black) and that is OK. And I got those on MD.

  5. Are the aligns really that terrible? I want anothet pair! My first pair did not pill, but the reviews are SO BAD! And i do like black grape!

    1. I have four pairs and have not experienced pilling. I think people really don't know how to take care of them if they have pilling.

    2. I agree with everyone. I just bought a pair of aligns because of a blogger who bought them for her pregnancy. I sized up and they are a little loose in the knees and ankles but I still love them. I want to get a pair in my true size and a few more before lulu pulls the plug on them because of all the bad reviews. I've not had pilling on them either. I have pilling on wunder unders that are 8 years old but none of the new stuff. I say go get the Aligns, I can't believe I've waited this long to try them. Mind you, I don't work out in them.

    3. Also agreed! Aligns are my faaav! They pill on the inside, but no one sees that. The outside of all mine (5 pairs) are perfect. So comfy.

  6. I'm loving the new colors; especially antidote and marvel. I'm hoping the kindred spirit in black won't be sheer like the alpine white. It's a good patterned neutral to wear with color. I love the white but knowing me, I'd get it dirty in an hour. Magnum is a great grey color.

  7. I wish the Aligns came in the pant, not crop, version. My favourite pants. No issues with pilling, and I find they're TTS.

  8. Omg so many goodies. Fern print speeds. Marvel crb. Not sure if antidote is like ray so will have to see about speeds. Wondering about switching fern print in nulux to luxtreme dark version wup. Yikes cha ching

    1. So anon 7:24, it looks like one can't get excited about upload or they will be called "educators"? I like a couple of items and I'm not affiliated with LLL. Not everybody is negative

    2. Agreed, 9:33 pm. I'm definitely not an educator and I happen to like the darker colors, even for spring. My coloring looks terrible in the lighter, brighter colors. Jewel tones and dark hues are more flattering on me and I'll wear them year round. Excited to see black currant in store!

    3. @Anon 7:24 – so disappointing to see you bashing other people here. Every time I come to this page I see comments from people like you. Anon 6:24 sets a lovely example. It's fine that you don't like it but going off at someone because they're excited? Take a hike. @ LLM – you must be disappointed to attract such hateful people.

    4. I posted the original post lol about being excited. Im def not an educator lol. I did not end up getting marvel as it was quite dark and very close to other colours i have. I ended up keeping fast free fern print but long version instead of crop. Nice pattern. My store didnt have any antidote so couldnt compare to ray. I did get fern speeds…not sure if keeping them yet as colour is dark and greyish for summer. I did get the arrow print wuc …so pretty.

  9. Does anyone know what style the blush colored shorts with the navy LS (in the email about the timelessness of the color navy) is?

    1. I was also wondering that! I will be looking for them next week, would be interested for sure in buying them.

  10. I really do love Antidote. I'd like it in longer shorts though.

    And did I see ANOTHER blue/black heathered Swiftly? I mean, I bought the first one they did and love it, but isn't this the third one (and they currently have TWO for sale now)?

    1. I'm with you Emily. I have the blackened sapphire from 2 years ago and now there have been 2 or 3 almost exact iterations in the last few months. What the?

  11. Can anyone tell me which shorts are featured in mauve/rose shade in the latest email? The email subject is Next up? Navy. And they feature the shorts paired with a long sleeve navy top. TIA!

  12. Good to see antidote but not my color. Looks pretty on dark skin. I like the nulux fast n free crops but not paying $118 for them. Everything's going on markdown so I'll wait but even then they will probably be too high.

    The light grey prints are pretty but I find that color esp unflattering in light grey combos.

    I like the lost in pace skirt but reviews are horrible and it's at least $20 too high.

    The nulux bra doesn't look supportive enough to run in and too expensive.

    1. I agree Janine. I was eyeing the skulpt tank in marvel but not for $64+ tax for a light tank shell. I do still have my eye on the swiftly LS I. marvel, ( too bad they ruined the SS by mixing it with black) now if they come out with pure black swan swiftlys I will pick them all up! As I missed those in years past. Also really wish they still made swiftly half zips. They are my favourite hiking layering pieces…

  13. I'm liking Antidite, but have to see it in person bc I don't want it to look like Ray. I much prefer Clear Mint. I would buy those white crops if only they were Luxtreme .

  14. LLM and ladies who may have seen antidote in person could you please shed some insight as to what it looks like in person color wise. TIA

    1. Thanks so much LLM Do you find the energy runs tts? Also what are your thoughts on the aligns given the negative reviews. Thanks again

    2. Thanks for your input. I live 5 hours from the closest store so that's why I rely so heavily on you and your readers input. Thanks again

    3. I bought my first pair of Aligns when they first came out like in September of 2015 . I have been wearing them a lot, they are incredibly comfortable. I wash them with my other lulu stuff and put in dryer. No pilling issues whatsoever. I have 5 pairs, black(original), inkwell, bd, slate, and nocturnal teal.

    4. @ anon 7:38 I have 2 Aligns bought within the past 4 months (black and dark carbon). I have no problems with pilling. Only issue was I accidentally snagged my black pair but it was my fault. They've been washed in cold, gentle cycle and hung dry. Maybe there was a bad batch. Sometimes when I read bad reviews about pilling and loose seams, I often wonder if the size is too small and/or they are not caring for them correctly. I find that I usually don't have the same quality issue.

    5. Yeah I always put my lulu in the dryer , on low of course. 20 min is usually enough for a small load. Never had any issues

    6. It's very much a chartreuse leaning more towards yellow than green. I never liked Ray but Antidote is a very rich beautiful color. It doesn't wash me out like other colors in that group, and it's an amazing contrast for other colors like black grape, under black, with blues and greys.

    7. My Energy Bras are all my usual size 10 – they are occasionally tight over my traps if I wear them for too long but I wouldn't size up in them for fear of losing support.

      As far as the align crops I hesitated to provide my thoughts, but I really haven't had much luck with them. I have one pair of crops, two pairs of pants (one first version of the pants, the other ones purchased in January in hopes they would be better). Of the three of them, the first two are pilled and worn horribly throughout – not just in high friction areas, and the third hasn't been worn very much at all so not much wear. There is a chance the newer ones are better blends of nulu. After 7 years I can assure everyone I know how to wash synthetic luxtreme/luon material and I only hang to dry so there is no reason those first two pairs should have looked so horrible so quick.
      You should just get them. If they wear terribly, take them back to the store.

    8. i used to hang dry all Lulu, but now I have a good quality dryer, so I don't need to anymore. It's more about the quality of the dryer than how delicate the clothes are. Modern dryers can handle some really delicate stuff.

    9. I've always washed my Lulu in a washing machine on regular cycle and put it in the dryer (also on lowest setting for 20 minutes) and my stuff still looks like the day I bought it. Never understood the idea of workout clothes being "delicate". If they can stand up to what I put them through during a workout then they surely can take a tumble in a washing machine. My life is busy. I don't have time to baby workout clothes. That being said, both my washer and dryer are high end quality front loaders with no agitators or anything that would ruin clothing and I do hang dry certain things like Scuba hoodies and just tumble for 5 minutes to soften them once dry.

    10. anon 7:07AM haha I am with you on this one. if the clothing can sustain repeat abuse from working out, then it better survive my washing machine!
      I wash my clothes in the washer. sometimes I remember to select perm or delicate cycles, most times I don't. I spin on high. But I never dry in dryer, I leave them to air dry. that's all they'll get from me, lol

    11. I put my lulu workout clothes in the dryer too, but I monitor the drying time and yank them out when I feel no moisture. I dry them outside in the shade in the summer, but I'm just too impatient to wait for them to air dry in the winter. All my lulu stuff is in pristine condition, even the ones I bought 6-8 years ago. Mind you I have so much that some of the clothes don't get worn in a year or more.

    12. Yes you can put LLL in the dryer on low for not too long (even their washing instructions instruct this if you want your clothes dry a.s.a.p). My dryer is not fancy but I do it from time to time. I predominantly hang to dry (pants/crops/leggings, swiftly tops) and use a rack for bras and CRBs. Repeated dryer use will, over time, break down the fibres of clothing faster than air drying; that's my main reason. My washer has the agitator and my LLL has no issues. All my gear looks brand new. And I have no pilling! I wash it all inside out and bras with cups removed both go in net bags (that's just sensible for all bras…nope, I don't even hand wash fancier ones). Swiftly tops go in net bags too but sometimes I miss that and they are all perfectly fine, zero snags.

      Unscented laundry soap, I don't like to smell the laundry soap in any articles or clothing anymore, even if it is pleasant smelling soap.

    13. I wash/ dry Lulu exactly the same, as you, Anon 8:01. No pilling and snagging for me either. Swiftlies, underwear and socks go into net bag. I also use unscented liquid laundry detergent with a small amount of vinegar if I perspire a lot in my clothes.

  15. Yawn – nothing new. We ask for colour and they go to the other end of the spectrum to neon. Nothing bought again, and its over 18 months since my last lululemon purchase and I don't see that changing

  16. I am so desperate for colour that antidote is like a breath of fresh air. Currently eyeing the antidote speeds to add to my speeds collection and still waiting for bag in marvel.

  17. I have had issues with the Align pants in regards to piling. I only wear them around the house and not for working out. Lululemon employees provide mixed reviews as to what they are designed for. I've been told by some that they are designed only specifically for Yoga, whereas others will recommend them for everyday wear.

  18. I got the align crops in black grape and the effortless jacket last night. But…. i know they will both sit in the bag now for 30 days…. and either the aligns will come in pants…. or the jacket will go on sale…. but i just cant seem to rip off the tags! I remember when the apres spring coat in deep indigo went on sale! And i said no because 120$ was too steep! Ha! That was back in 2012!!! And i still dont have a spring coat! Or the adorable back on track jacket!!!! Still waiting. Effortless coat is cute…. but for 140$? Yikes!

    1. I'm also thinking of getting the Align crops in Black Grape and waiting to see if a longer length shows up. Though I hate 7/8 length pants, I think this color will look better covering more of the leg, and 7/8 is, unfortunately, the longest they make.

  19. I also dry on my lowest setting. No harm that I can see. Besides…I figure. It's clothes, they aren't meant to last forever. I haven't had any pilling with my aligns. I only own black. I tried a color once and it showed terrible sweat marks so I have been Leery of trying another pair but I do love all the colors. I am trying marvel trackers. I normally buy speeds but sometimes I want a little more room in the waist band of my shorts…speeds always give me a back fat muffin so I thought I'd give them a try.

  20. i actually prefer to air dry because then the smell of the detergent still lingers & smells cleaner, vs putting it in the dryer, you don't smell the detergent as much

  21. I went into my local store yesterday to see if things were looking any more interesting, and to check out the new marvel colour. I was actually disappointed to see that it appears to be too close to plum or red grape to seem new. My store also hasn't received anything in the lipgloss colour. I know that's virtually the same as boom juice, but at least it's a colour that I'm attracted to. I would be more tolerant of repetitive use of colour if the designs were more interesting and thoughtful.

    1. I agree that the marvel looks similar to other plum colours and the red grape. If they continue with Fall colours in Spring I would like the black current swiftly over the marvel.

  22. Lululemon uploaded 2 muscle tanks with sayings on what's new. One says namaste backwards and the other says highly meditated.

    1. I saw that and promptly ordered both. Glad I got the white one in sz2. The small sizes are all gone on US side.

  23. I like the Magnum hotty hot shorts as Chrome (I think) was way too light of a color for my light skin. I think Magnum might work!

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