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Mind Over Miles Bra, Mind Over Miles Crop

The Marvel color really breaks up the monotony of the white, as does pairing the white crops and tights with Navy bra. 

Mind Over Miles Bra and Mind Over Miles Tight

Swiftly Tech LS in Marvel

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  1. OT sorry!! I've never been to seawheeze, but how much do the scubas usually go for there? I know it's Canadian dollars but wouldn't it be the normal price of a scuba? This person is claiming they bought it at the event for $200 which I think is a lie

    1. No they would have gone for the regular MSRP price, in Canadian dollars, which would end up being 30% cheaper for Americans. However, it's unlikely that anybody would want to resell a SW item for MSRP unless they are a close friend of yours.

    2. I believe the Sunset Festival Scuba's were more $$ than the SW store but neither of them were $200 CAD. I believe the SW Store was $128 CAD and the Sunset Festival ones were $138. Add 13% tax to the price.

      Regardless, SW stuff (depending on year) won't sell at MSRP or below typically.

    3. absolutely i totally get that. but i had a feeling the person was lying when they said they paid $200 for it. thank you guys for the response!

  2. Have there been any swim photos posted yet? Saw some from the Honolulu store but any others? Want to see how the high waisted bottoms look on a real person!

  3. I really love all of the white. I'm seriously trying to decide how much I'd wear it.
    I received the MOM shorts. I think they'll go back. I liked the idea of the pocket on the back for my phone, but it's an awkward fit (I'm assuming it's due to the case I use). My phone sticks out quite obviously. Otherwise, I liked them.

  4. The mom pants and crops are not sheer due to them being doubled up on material. They are extremely compressive and opaque

    1. I would recommend sizing up yes- my tts gave me a slight muffin top due to the extreme compression in the waist band (mind you my tummy is a little squishing from having kids)

  5. Thanks to Mrs. O's fit review, which pointed out how small the waistband is on the MOM crop. You can see how much it's pinching the woman above in the Marvel pair, who is curvy, with a small waist. I'm a bit more of a potato. I am not seeing this working well.

    Plus, the MOM crop and pants are both on the short side (17" and 25"), so I think they would look weird on me. 25" should fit me like a long crop, I guess a bit like Speed Crops. Not sure what the point of a long crop is. Once more for the record: I hate 7/8 pants.

    -Old Cranky

  6. These are lovely women, but the idea of a high waisted crop with a nipped in waist coupled with a long line bra or long crop is NOT my favorite. It seems to mush everything together in the middle.
    (Again, lovely & fit women- to me the styling just isn't very flattering)

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