This weekend I got to de-tag two of my recent purchases. First of all, the Sole Training Long Sleeve is so adorable in this color and I love it. I really love how versatile it is for wearing not only as a cover up for a workout but as a long sleeve in warmer weather. This UPF material is really light and breezy so I was able to wear it with jeans on a warmish day and not feel overheated. I also wore it for todays workout as my warmup top and I was surprised that I was able to keep it on for a very sweaty workout for most of the time. Usually I take my long sleeves off right after the warmup but today I kept it on almost to the end of the workout. I was a bit worried about how this boxy cut would look with a longer flowier tank underneath it, but I think it was fine. I definitely want to pick up another one if it comes in Quicksand. 

The Fast And Free Crops worked out amazinglingy for todays workout. I felt so comfortable in today’s outfit that I felt like I was wearing silky pyjamas! I love that the crops are a higher narrower waist so they stay up really well without depending on compression to stay up. I also really prefer this version of Nulux (heavier weight) than some of the digitally engineer print ones referred to as ’50g’ in the color codes. That version of nulux is way too thin and sheer for me and shows every lump and bump, but this studier version smooths everything over and is opaque and ever so slightly compressive yet still feels like luxurious lingerie fabric. 

Sole Training Long Sleeve

Sole Training Long Sleeve, AG Denim

 Fast And Free Crops

Sole Training Long Sleeve and Fast And Free Crops

Sole Training Long Sleeve and Fast And Free Crops

Sole Training Long Sleeve and Fast And Free Crops

Sole Training Long Sleeve and Fast And Free Crops

Sole Training Long Sleeve and Fast And Free Crops

  1. I love the outfit LLM!! Loving the purples and pinks right now!! And I always love to see ootds!
    I'm looking for a jacket, prob from 2016… called the sweaty or not jacket, in the white and gold, size 4. Would anyone have one they want to sell, or know where to look? eBay doesn't have what I'm looking for, but maybe there's somewhere else I can look. TIA!

  2. Hey Lulumum, love your work! Any chance you can note down your non-lulu items? You have some great jeans and I'm always keen to see where you find them!

    1. Hi Jayne! Thank you so much!! I absolutely will start listing the items that are not lululemon. Is the slider on the bottom of the post showing up for you? those are links to the specific items which includes my shoes and jeans. If you click on it it will take you to the exact item. I will definitely start also adding text links from now – thank you for the feedback.

      Just wanted to mention I have a big blog change happening tonight behind the scenes that you've all been waiting for. Tomorrow, at some point, my blog should load lightening fast for you including all the images. This upgrade may be causing issues with the comment section today, but once the work is all complete it should go back to normal. Thanks for your patience if you've had issues leaving comments today <3

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