Define Jacket

I wasn’t sure I’d love this color on me but in person it’s actually about two shades less washed out than it shows on camera. It’s a very pretty burnt rose color, so I’m not sure why they named it unappealing ‘quicksand’. Quicksand looks great paired with Black Currant. I’m a size 10 in almost all Lululemon jackets except for Define Jackets which I take a 12 in.

Define Jacket Quicksand

Here is a shot of it next to my face so you can see how the color works with my colouring. I’m fair cool toned. The next photo shows how well it pairs with Black Currant.

Define Jacket QuicksandDefine Jacket Quicksand

Anew Short Sleeve

I’m torn with this short sleeve because I recently purchased the Sole Training SS in this same color and I really like it. I like that with the Sole Training I don’t have to worry about pretty bra straps. The Anew Short Sleeve however, is prettier and more feminine. The open back on this short sleeve is really pretty also, but then I won’t be able to wear a regular bra with this, just a pretty strappy sports bra.The cut of the side slits reminds me of an Aritzia tee I have and love – the Capuccine.

Anew Short SleeveAnew Short Sleeve

Embossed Wunder Under Hi Rise

These are so pretty on! They are slightly snug going on, over the ankles, but once on they are just nicely compressive. The embossed is really pretty and it’s a slight sheen over matter full on luxtreme. I would pick my regular size 1o in these. Don’t size down!

Embossed Wunder Under Hi RiseWunder Under Hi Rise Tight EmbossedWunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Embossed

Anew Singlet

I really didn’t think I’d like this tank because of the hem, but actually I think the hem is really pretty and long enough to be flattering. Like the Anew Short Sleeve, this split hem and the way they’ve balanced it reminds me a lot of the Aritzia Capuccine Tee. Split hems like this can be really unflattering if the front panel is too short and wide, but it’s nice and long actually and has some nice draping of the fabric. My reason for not purchasing this tank is that it really displays an area that I’m self conscious of at the moment (my wide bulky traps thanks to oly lifting) but I would have otherwise loved to have purchased this to wear with cute jeans in the summer. I hated the Anew Bra paired with this and everything else. It’s just a non supportive, unflattering cup shape and underneath all of the tops I tried on it looked terrible. I much prefer the Free To Be Serene Bra to coordinate with this top and the Anew Short Sleeve.

Anew Singlet

Anew Singlet



Outfit/Makeup details:

  1. You are very pretty!!! Show your face often ? The quicksand define jacket is very pretty im soooo in love with the color but oh well i just purchased the marvel color last week.

  2. I really like Quicksand colour on you and your lipstick goes well with that colour too! What is the brand and colour name of this lipstick? I also really like the embossed WUP on you as well.

    I am not in agreement about the side slits of the top and tank. I think the slits go too high. I wish the crossover of fabric extended lower by at least 2-3 inches. I love the black current colour but I am not liking the styles. I really liked the Sole Training s/s on you much better.

    1. I posted the link to the lipstick on the bottom carousel but it’s bite beauty and the color is Fig. It’s a really great daily wear pink.

  3. Thanks for the great fit review! Quicksand is definitely rosier than I expected, and I think the color really suits you! With a name like quicksand I was expecting it to lean more beige than rose, but it looks to be a nice color that would work on a variety of skin tones. I ordered the Define as well, so I can’t wait to try it on.

    I don’t know what to make of the anew tops! I like the hem, but I think the side slits go up higher than personally I am comfortable with…but I am pretty modest and a little self-conscious about my belly/love handles so the slits may reveal an area I wish they’d keep covered! What size did you take in the anew singlet? The same size you wear in other Lulu tanks? I thought maybe I would size up because it didn’t look long enough, but now I’m not so sure. I think I’ll end up returning it, but I may order it just to try.

    1. I went back and looked at your previous post of an ED wearing the anew singlet and I agreed with the commenter who said it looked too fitted on her. I like how flowy it looks on you here – on the ED, it appeared to be much more open on the sides which was what turned me off. So I just placed my order for a size up from my usual CRB size.

      I had also managed to order the anew bra in quicksand before it sold out or was removed from the US site (not sure which). I’m a 34B so I thought maybe I could squeeze into it for athleisure/yoga. We shall see!

    2. I think the big challenge with the Anew singlet is what kind of bra to wear with it. The Anew bra looks bad because of all the seaming. Ideally, I think, you’d wear a leotard, but I don’t know how many people will do that in real life. Otherwise, you need a t-shirt bra with appealing straps. It’s certainly possible to find such a thing, but then how much support do you have? It’s a fairly limited top when it comes down to it. Too bad, because dance-inspired gear is much more appealing to me than all the joggers and boxy sweatshirts they’ve been churning out. At least it’s an undeniably feminine top, which we haven’t seen in a long, long time.

      1. Very interesting points. Actually, I’m surprised Lulu hasn’t thought of expanding their repertoire to include lingerie and basics to go with their athleisure-wear. In addition to styling these clothes with athletic leggings, they could style them with street clothes to upsell t-shirt/t-back bras, leotards, etc. Lulu bras are my favorite – I’d be interested!

  4. Nooo I thought the embossed wunder indeed were full on luxtreme 🙁 (that’s what indicated on the website) I’m so disappointed, I ordered them, but they’ll have to go back

    1. Sorry, they are full on luxtreme. The embossed portion of the print has more sheen against the full on luxtreme. correcting the post now.

  5. I never comment but read your great blog all the time. I came on here to say that the quicksand define looks so nice on you. Thanks for all your hard work. I usually check here before making a lulu purchase.

  6. Very pretty!

    By the way, I saw a post on Instagram that Kit and Ace is closing all except Canadian stores. I wonder if they grew too quickly? I wanted to support them but never was to crazy about the designs.

  7. I second it the quicksand comments. It is a good color for you. Makes you glow. I am
    Bummed I missed the quicksand in the hotty hots although I am not sure if I’d have a top top match other than black or white.

    1. I was in my store today and the ed said he was caring the phone around In his hand because they had gotten so many calls for the bra (sold out online) There were three left when I was in there. Same with the define. All gone. It is a pretty color…almost a little flesh toned.

    1. Thanks! The Jacket is this one This linked one is a different leather, it’s pebbled, but the design is the same. It’s pricey but on a cost per wear/quality it is 1000% worth it. I wear this jacket all the time for three seasons of the year, dressed up and dressed down.

  8. Has anyone seen the new go lightly bag released this week in stores in Canada? If so which ones, as I’d like to hunt one down but don’t live near any stores. TIA

  9. I’ve been hummig and hawing about purchasing those wunders but after seeing your fit review I’m definitely going to buy them!

  10. Thank you for your fit reviews! Would you say the anew short sleeve, anew tank and anew sports bras are true to size? I like them all as they bring back femininity.

    1. @Birdie: For me the Anew bra was a size up because of the shape of the cups. I could wear my TTS but the cups didn’t look as nice. Going up one size made the band a bit looser than my TTS (which I preferred) but since the bra is a light support bra, I didn’t think the looser band would be a problem.

      The Anew ss and tank were TTS.

  11. Lulumum you look amazing!!! The Define Jacket look gorgeous on you!! I agree, Quicksand and Black Currant go together really well.

    I checked my store today, and there was not a single item in Quicksand colour. The Anew bra in this colour is no longer available online, and Define jacket is being sold very quickly. Just a couple of weeks ago Inspire crops in Arrow Jacquard Battleship have been sold in 2-3 days, and of course I missed them out 🙁 Is it a LLL new/old strategy, producing items in a limited amount and by this creating FOMO? I’m not a happy customer right now.

    1. Thanks!!! I think things are selling out fast now because we’ve been so deprived of these feminine pretty designs and colors for well over a year, and now suddenly they are back so people are buying them up. When lululemon does things right there is no competition.

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