Anew Tank, Anew Crops, Anew Short, Sun Setter Tank

April 25, 2017

Anew Tank, Anew Crop

I have a feeling the Anew Tank is not going to work for me based on how it flares in the back over the butt. I tried on the Revitalize Tank  and it was a complete disaster. I’m not sure how that tank design made it into production. The overall look is really pretty, but the bra on the inside is terrible. The cups are extremely narrow and set very wide apart so you pop out if you turn right or left, and the band is very loose fitting. I wonder if the Renew Tank works better for augmented breasts specifically. 

Anew Tank, Anew Crop

Anew Tank, Anew Crop

Anew Tank, Anew Crop

Anew Tank, Anew Crop

Anew Tank, Anew Crop

Anew Short Quicksand

Sunsetter Tank, Pop Orange Hotty Hot Short

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  1. sue says:

    The Anew tank it pretty but looks like it should be flowy and loose fitting. Why do the eds often seem to be wearing the looser/flowy items overly tight? It seems that if something is made of “swift” fabric (or the like), it should be loosely draping, not stretched taut across her chest as in the first pic… By the way, my guess is that this Anew tank will look beautiful on you.

  2. Mrs. O says:

    Sounds like the built in bra on the revitalize tank is similar to the all day breeze bra, which went to MD right away. It was too wide in the front (if it were a half inch closer it would have worked). And the front seam on the bra cups didn’t lay flat. I think it would work for augmented breasts.

    The Anew bra on the other hand is great for a delicate, light support bra. I did size up to an 8 because the cups were cut in a bit more on the sides. The band is wide so no fear of falling out from the bottom.

    I really wish the sun setter tank looked as good on me as it did on you, LLM. I have broad shoulders and a wide chest (from lifting so much) that it felt like I had no coverage in the upper torso. I usually love halter styles. Too bad it wasn’t cut an inch wider across the chest. The new nulu fabric is so great.

    I ordered the Arise bra in nulu and am hoping it will work. I just love the nulu/nulux fabric.

    The Anew Tank might surprise you. It’s so feminine and flowy. I agree with Sue, it’ll probably look good on you.

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