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Amazing reader ‘Mrs. O’ has shared with us some fit reviews with the help of her awesome husband taking photos for us. Huge thank you to the both of them!!  

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Mrs. O’s Fit Review:

I sized up in this tank because my TTS fit weird when it was tied in the front.  It cuts too narrow around the shoulder and chest when it is tied in the front and looks like it’s on backwards.  When tied in the back, the front of the tank looks better.  On the scooped neck side, the hem is more of a draped, curved hem, which I think is flattering.  Again, even on the scooped neck side, I thought the shoulders were cut in too much.  Unless you wore a true racerback bra, you would have to adjust your front bra straps so it fit properly under the tanks straps.  I liked the fabric.  It’s similar to the Smooth Stride SS.

Turn About Tank, Luon Arrow Jacquard Wunder Under Crops

The WU in the arrow jacquard print is TTS.  The print has texture but it feels smooth when wearing.  The texture is on the outside rather than the underside.  No problems with sheerness in my TTS.  It’s a much thicker fabric than the Nulux.  I really love this print.  I was told that the Inspire Tight II in this print never made it to the stores in the US.  So, even though it is completely sold out online on the US site, it should be arriving in stores soon.  But this is different from what the GEC told me over the phone.  She said the entire print in the Inspire Tight II is sold out in the US.  She was uncertain if another run will be made.

Surprisingly, the Crescent Tank fit better than I thought it would and I didn’t hate it.  I sized up from my TTS.  My TTS was too cropped and it fit tighter than I liked.  The fabric was light weight and very breathable.  I suspect if you do any kind of movement, especially with arms up, it’s going to creep up a lot.  Although I can see myself wearing this around town on errands, I wouldn’t spend that much money on a tank that would be ill fitting when working out.  I know I would be constantly pulling it down.

Wunder Under Crop High Time Luon Arrow Jacquard, Crescent Tank

This short fit TTS (size 6 in shorts).  In the Jogger, I sized up from my TTS because in pants like these, I like them more relaxed.  My TTS fit so it’s really just a fit preference.  Like the NTS Jacket, the cuffs are a bit tight the first time you put them on but they loosen up.  The fabric felt nice and I liked the back zip pocket.

I suspected that I would not like the fit of the shorts or jogger because shorts/pants with pockets (such as these) tend to pull and pucker across the hips on me.  Also, on me, the pockets show through the front of the fabric.  It’s just my body type.  It doesn’t matter what designer brand it is.  With street clothes, I cut out the pocket and have them sewn down.  I wouldn’t do that with athletic pants because you need pockets.  

NTS Short

NTS Jogger


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  1. I agree Mrs. O that the shoulders and chest are cut too narrow on the Turn Around Tank which I am finding on quite a few tanks. The WU look really good on you but the Crescent Tank is too thin and see through for my taste and I would be forever pulling it down in front. The NTS shorts have weird bulges in front and the pockets do stick out but I think that is due to the spacer fabric although they look comfy. Did you find the spacer fabric too thick for shorts? The NTS joggers look alright but I am really tired of all the cuffed joggers, it would be nice if they would mix it up a bit and give us a straight leg once and awhile. Thanks Mrs. O for the great fit reviews.

  2. I think i like the tank with the vee at front and scoop and tie up on back. I thought it looked good on you. So do the arrow wuc. Thanks for reviews

  3. Anon @12:20am: Yes, I did think the spacer fabric on the shorts were too thick. I expected it to be the lighter version of spacer fabric because they are shorts. If it's warm enough to wear shorts I can imagine the shorts being too warm. I don't mind cuffed joggers if they are cut a bit wider in the calf area. I tend to think pants like those make my legs look bigger. I have old LLL joggers that don't have cuffs and are cut like a straight leg. I love those. Every time I try on the current style of joggers, I don't think they look as nice on me as they do on LLM. It would be great if they came out with some looser, flowy pants.

    Mrs. O

  4. Are the arrow jacquard a TTS or a size up/down due to it being a different fabric that the usual Luon WUs? I haven't bought any LLL pants in a long time so can not compare. Thank you for the fit reviews! Very helpful to those of us who cannot get to a store 🙂

    1. I went down a size due, as you mentioned, to the fabric. I'm a tts 6, but have sized down in some of the other printed luon WUs – such as the cyber stripes and the space dye stripes – and felt these were a similar situation. The 6 had very little compression and wasn't as flattering. I went with the 4 and love them! No sheerness despite the smaller size. hth!

    2. I tried on my TTS. Honestly, I don't think I could have sized down. But if you're between sizes, you may want to try a size down like Anon @8:10. For a long while I was in between sizes. I'm glad I've finally stayed put in sizes. You definitely won't have to worry about sheerness in this print because of the fabric. Hope that helps Anon @12:13.

      Mrs. O

  5. I bought that tank and absolutely love the fabric, so soft! I tie on front. I bought it in midnight navy and I also have a pair of Dropt pants in this color . I tried them together and they actually look really good, like an outfit. I'm going to buy a pair of Jacquard Arrow crops at my store later today. I have been waiting for a Luxtreme version of this print, but I guess it's not happening so will have to get Luon. I'm also liking Crescebt top on you, will try it at the store as well. Thank you for your reviews!

  6. I'm seriously doubting the arrow jacquard pattern in the inspire tights sold out, I think they pulled it for some reason. I went looking for them last week on the website, and didn't find them, and that was only a week after they uploaded. Nothing ever sells out that fast anymore, especially when there are full size runs of the other styles in that pattern (WUC, HT).

    I did however, buy that pattern in the hi-rise WUC this weekend. I love the print and liked how they felt on.

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