Amazing reader ‘Mrs. O’ has shared with us some fit reviews with the help of her awesome husband taking photos for us. Huge thank you to the both of them!!  

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Mrs. O’s Fit Review:

Mind Over Miles Crop White

I love the style of this crop because of the mesh on the sides (sorry I forgot to take a side picture).  I was hopeful it would not be sheer because it was double paneled.  But it was.  Sheer in my TTS and one size up.  I purposely wear dark undies when testing light colored tights.  I don’t think the sheerness is as evident in the “bend test” pictures.  In person, it was definitely sheer.  I suppose if I wore nude undies and tore off the tag, the sheer factor wouldn’t be as noticeable but I don’t feel that I should have to alter what I wear underneath.  If LLL is going to produce white tights, then they must make them opaque.  I haven’t tried on any white tights from other brands but I wonder if it’s just the white color factor.  These fit TTS.

Mind Over Miles Crop Marvel

These crops fit TTS.  The deep color of Marvel fixed the sheerness factor.  I really like the look of these crops.  The waist band is thinner than the white pair because it is not double paneled.  However, in Marvel and Black, the uppermost part of the waist band is tighter than a plain Luxtreme waist band.  It appears to be made out of a slightly different, less giving material.  So, while the tights fit fine everywhere, it dug into my my waist at the very top.  If you look at the store photos LLM posted (the brunette wearing the Marvel crops), you can see what I’m describing.  The white pair didn’t do that.  I took a picture of both waist bands side by side so you can see the slightly different fabric.  LLL used the same fabric on top of the outside hidden pocket as well.  The waist band was too uncomfortable for me.  I would constantly be sucking in so I didn’t have a muffin top.  I’m sure it would work for the really toned, lean ladies out there.

Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight Kindred Spirit

I ordered (and tried on in the store) the Kindred Spirit Black WU (Luxtreme) because it wasn’t made in the Fast and Free style.  The GECs didn’t think this pattern would come in Nulux in the Fast and Free Tight or Crop.  I won’t be taking off the tags for awhile in hopes that the GECs were wrong.  This tight is NOT sheer like the Kindred Spirit Alpine White.  The pattern was screen printed on light grey so when you do the bend test, you see the grey undertone but it is not sheer.  I double checked throughout the store in different lighting.  So, if this print never comes in Nulux, I will be keeping these WU.

Mind Over Miles LS

This LS fit TTS.  I really liked the laser cut ventilation panels and I like Luxtreme.  I bought this LS and the white Swiftly LS Breeze.  I feel that the Luxtreme doesn’t drape as well as the Swiftly Breeze.  And it’s $10 more than the Swiftly Breeze.  I took them home to decide.  But I may end up returning both because of the draping issue of the Luxtreme, and the thin cuffs and no thumb holes on the Swiftly LS Breeze.

Hotty Hot Short

I know all of you know how the Hotty Hot Short fits but I wanted to see the new color, Quicksand.  None of the stores received the Anew Short in Quicksand, which was what I originally wanted to try on.  I’m really interested in the Anew Short because it is not lined and has a feminine touch to it.  The Hotty Hot Short is not a short that fits me as well as Speeds and Tracker Short IV.   I really like this new color.  I hope it comes out in different items.  I was told the Anew Short should arrive in stores sometime next week.  

If you’ve never tried on Hotty Hot Shorts, these shorts are TTS.  This pair was the 2.5″ inseam.  I tried on one size larger but the proportions were off.  Hotty Hot Shorts also come in a 4″ inseam but those shorts sit on my thighs funny like the Run Time Short does on me.

Do any of you ladies have an issue with the liners in the shorts?  I find that the leg hem is too thick and creates a line causing a double butt or horrible VPL.  The educators in the stores complained about it as well.  I just learned that certain stores (depending on the tailor the store uses) will remove the inner lining from shorts.  I was specifically told that the Santa Monica Third Street Promenade store (which has a tailor in house) will remove the liners.  I also think Brentwood will also do it (but I need to confirm).  I’m going to test it out on a pair of Speeds to see if I like it better without the liner.  If I do, I’m taking all my shorts in.

Swell Chaser Short

I have never tried on any Lululemon swim wear so I decided to try on the swim shorts because I liked the lipstick color.  These shorts are TTS.  Because the material is very thin (probably for the fast drying factor) and clingy, I didn’t think it looked that flattering.  There is no liner and the shorts are short in the back (not like speeds where the back is a bit longer).  I also think that this type of swim short is not flattering on my body type.  It would look great on slimmer ladies.  Also, because there is no lining, I’d feel self conscious if I went in the water and came out of it dripping wet.  I would be afraid that the shorts would ride up and show my “secret” parts.  LOL.

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  1. Thank you for taking your time to review these items! I got both MOM and Keep score crops and now debating which ones to keep. They were not sheer on me. I'm also a size 4 and stayed tts. You can see the white tag, but that's just white on white effect. I'm going to remove it anyways . The only thing that slightly bugs me is that because they used two layers of fabric crops are a little thick now and might be too warm to wear in summer. I wonder if they could use Nulux instead of Luxtreme .
    I do like Quicksand color and can't wait to see other items that come in it. As far as fern print it's not doing anything to me and a solid pass. But I'm really liking my Jacquard Arrow WUC and only wish they would make them in Luxtreme or Nulux instead of Luon.

  2. Love to Mrs. O and everyone who is submitting guest reviews. It's great to see photos from stores for sure but it doesn't give me the candid comments on sizing, fit, material and overall feel like these guest reviews. I also got the white crops and tights in both styles and don't have a sheerness issue.

  3. Great fit reviews Mrs. O and thanks to both you and your husband for taking the time to do this. I am a big no to any white bottoms and I am not liking the back seams on the white MOM l/s that make the shoulders look larger. Really poor decision to do those back seams like that. I really like the WU Kindred Spirit print on you. I also like the Quicksand colour of the Hotty Hots but don't wear those shorts.

    1. It's the Love Tank made from pima cotton. I think it may be my new favorite tank. It's TTS and a relaxed fit. If you're between sizes go for the smaller size. It's very lightweight. I wish it came in some bright colors. If it did, I'd buy so many more. And the price is great — $38.

      Mrs. O

  4. I feel the same way about the liners in shorts! I did end up getting the MoM crops in Marvel and white today and still have the tags on the white keep up crops from before. I got my TTS 4 in all of them and did not have the issue with sheerness but can tell there is a difference in the waistband in the marvel color like was mentioned. It didn't bother me or really dig in though so I will be keeping them. Now just to decide which white pair to keep they are too similar for me to keep both and I was only planning to wear them occasionally as I typically prefer to work out in darker colors.

    1. I wore my black MOM crop for a 12 mile run. They felt great. I love the smooth waist. I also bought the white MOM crop and wore those for a spin class and I also love those. I got super sweaty and the crop were nicely compressive. I like the waist on those as well. I'm a huge fan of MOM crop. I also bought white MOM tight and they are beautiful. I haven't worn those yet. I plan on wearing them for Barry's Boot Camp tomorrow. my white MOM tights are not sheer. I'm very happy with them. I'm a sz2 and got the white MOM crop and tights in size 2. The black MOM crop I sized up to 4. The black crop waist had no give in my size and I couldn't get the sz2 over my 32" hips! Who the heck could fit into these? My 10 year old niece??

    2. I am leaning toward the MOM crop as well and think I will return the keep scores. Mainly because I am not a huge fan of mesh but thought the thicker mesh on the keep scores was ok. Now that I look at them compared to the MOM crop the mesh comes up quite high on the leg. I like that the MOM crop has the vents on the legs but not really any mesh.

  5. I'm so happy to hear others are not having a sheerness issue. Maybe I was being too sensitive, but I could swear I could see my skin. My husband wasn't so sure if he could see through. In any event, white bottoms wouldn't work for me because I would be getting them dirty and having to wash them after every wear.

    I agree with Anon 9:45. Because it is double paneled, it is thicker and there's a potential for getting too hot. I really wished these crops would work for me because I like the style.

    Mrs. O

    1. Maybe it was the lighting? You can see I light shadow of your underwear seam so it maybe made it appear that you could see them. I wore these on with the usual underwear that I like to wear with my leggings and they were not visible. For anyone that has not tried them the Victoria's Secret PINK no show cheekster and thong have been the best that I have ever tried with tight leggings. They are lightweight, seamless and relatively inexpensive. I stocked up on nude and black pairs but they come in many colors. I don't feel comfortable going without underwear and these are the next best thing.

    2. @Anon 10:15am: Thanks for your insight. I might try them on again because I really like these crops even though I'll be washing them constantly. White is so nice to wear as the weather warms up. Since so many of you out there don't have a sheerness issue, it might have just been the lighting in the store that day.

      I'll check out the VS PINK no show cheeksters. Haven't bought VS undies in a long time. I won't even dare try LLL undies because I know what will happen. I'll love them (like I do the socks) and only want to wear them. I just have an issue spending almost $20/pair for undies. 5 pairs would buy me a tight. LOL. This coming from a women that spends hundreds of dollars for workout clothes! LOL.

      Mrs. O

  6. Ms. O, I love your fit reviews as I am a size 4 and we have almost identical bodies. Thank you and thank you to lulumum for publishing them!

  7. I got the white MOM crops. I can see a dark shadow for black underwear but they're not so opaque I have to resort to nude color underwear. White underwear doesn't show. However because they're so tight, if you don't wear seamless panties, the outline of them will show. Otherwise I took them for a fifteen mile run and I love how they have so many pockets for my phone, car keys, chopstick, and gels. It was a hot sunny day in Southern California but they did not feel hot. They only got a little dirty because I sat with my dusty ankles crossed over my thigh.

    1. *chapstick. Also I have no problem remembering to wear white or nude underwear. It's like choosing a nude bra when you know your shirt is thin or a strapless bra for a tube top.

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