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Black Grape Fast And Free Tight

Black Grape Fast And Free Tight

Did I forget to post these when I did the Australia upload post yesterday? or where these just added? I am swooning over these black grape fast and free tights. Thanks to Ms. K for messaging me to point them out. These will be an essential purchase for me because black grape will go with everything (yet still fun!), the material is seasonless and the cut is nice and streamlined. 

Black Grape Fast And Free Tight

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  • I like these a lot, but wish they weren't 7/8. (Also wish they would finish the hem, but that's not as big a deal to me.) Would buy Black Grape Speed Tights (no mesh!) in a heartbeat.

  • I have these in black, and although I LOVE the feel of the fabric, I feel like I don't get good coverage. I'm on the small end of my size for Lulu, took my TTS, and I feel like the fabric shows every little imperfection.
    Am I alone in this?

    • @Anon 1:54. I went and tried on my Nulux pants to see if it showed my imperfections. I didn't think it did but that could change based on lighting. It may be you have a more discerning eye (or too critical of yourself). The coverage won't be as much as other fabrics because Nulux is supposed to be very lightweight and little compression. BTW, I'm sure no one notices what you notice. So enjoy your pants!

  • I love those! I have shorter legs so 7/8 tights usually fit like full length on me. I actually like the unfinished hem. I didn't think I would but it helps with the "naked" sensation. I notice my pants more when they have a hem. The unfinished hemmed feels more streamlined to me. Especially, given the thought behind Nulux and the fact that these are running tights.

  • I love the unfinished hem as well – but because I'm tall! I find that some of Lulu's pants end up sitting mid-calf length for me. The leg opening/hem finish is narrower than my calf (being designed to accommodate most people's lower calf/ankle), so it digs in and gives me what I can only describe as calf calf muffin-top! The unfinished hem prevents this from happening.

    • @Alison. LOL! Half calf muffin top. I'll never forget that and I'm going to use it! Thanks for the laugh.

  • Looking for a Canadian angel to order and then mail to me or purchase in store and mail to me an inkwell FTBW in a size 8. I realize shipping is expensive to US. I just called GEC, they have one FTBW in the whole US in a size 12. I now regret selling the items I did when I did. I had no idea we would get to a point where I would no longer find things I liked to buy.

  • Omg i just tried on my fast free tights that have been sitting in a bag…they fit wonderfully and waistband has structure so i dont think they will slip down. I tried on concrete jungle wup and the top of the waistband just sits on my tummy so as soon as i start squatting they will slip down. I have the dazzle,flux and feather print wups in nulux and they all slip…i have the florence in speed wunder style and they dont slip much. I think the waistband structure is the key to nulux. The fast free feel so amazing…just wish they werent buy them all.

  • Lulumum are these the tights that you posted on instegram a while ago that didn't hold the water up well in the rain? Just wondering if so what are your impressions after

    • Yes those are them. I still wear them a lot but definitely wouldn't pick them out of my closet for a run on a rainy day in Vancouver. Fine for lifting though, just beware of sweat marks.

    • Very good to hear about the sweat marks! I have been debating buying tbr dark royal but that was my fear. Thanks Lulumum!

  • I agree about the hem. I don't understand why they've done that other than to cut production cost – it ads nothing visually or stylistically.

  • Did anyone notice the 2 new tanks that were uploaded today (received notice by email) with phrases on them? They are both muscle tanks. One says Namaste (backwards) the other says Highly Meditated. I thought the whole point of LLL was to be understated and you knew the brand based on small logo and signature stitching/seams. I think it cheapens the brand to put those phrases on the front of the tank. We could get tanks with cheesy phrases for $10. Who would spend $48?

    • I agree. Not only can you get tops that say things like that anywhere, but I think it's pretty tacky in general.

    • Agree with both of you. I get that it's a trend, but for throwaway stuff like that, I think Zara usually does it much better. I'm too old for it. Frankly, I think it only looks cute if English isn't your first language. If you really speak the language, couldn't you come up with something more clever?

    • Anon 6:36: I completely agree with your comment! American words are very trendy overseas and I can understand the appeal as a graphic POV. Yea, if they came up with more clever sayings or a cooler design with the text, I might like it enough to get.

      I also agree with anon 4:40 and 6:07 lol.

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