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Australia Upload

In the sea of white void of color items, the exciting thing are the green speed shorts we see revealed (antidote?) next to the Black Currant Swiftly Tech LS and SS. 

Mind Over Miles Bra

Mind Over Miles Tights

Swiftly Tech LS Breeze

Look at how beautiful the chartreuse shorts pairs with the Black Currant swiftlies. 

Swiftly Tech SS Black Currant

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Swiftly Tech LS Black Currant

Mind Over Miles Crop Top

Mind Over Miles Crop


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  • The mind over miles tights kinda reminds me of alo tights. If these are luxtreme i may have to get as i got last years tight that was luon with the pretty waistband..but luon is hot especially when bum is double layered. I have way too many blue crbs lol. Hoping the fern print wuc is much cheaper than the fast free tight at 138..ouch

  • I know some people like white pants, but I don't understand it. I feel like white shows EVERY imperfection, is often sheer, and would get dirty with any real exercise. It surprises me that enough people buy white pants to make manufacturing multiple styles profitable! I mean, I can't even wear a white TANK to the gym b/c it gets dirty from push ups or the bar makes marks in a front rack position. Will someone who likes these weigh in here? 🙂

    • I have a pair of white pants (alo not lulu) that I love to wear to yoga (no bar dirt issues) – yes they can show flaws but I bought these as a treat for working so damn hard on my body. They look great with a really bold colored power-y. I guess I'd sum it up by saying for me it's a happy, fresh look. (On the flip side I own 30+ pairs of yoga pants only one of which is solid black)

    • Shows every imperfection and can make someone who doesn't have super slim legs look even thicker. I have some white tops (and yep, invariably I get them dirty shortly after putting them on) but white bottoms aren't something I'm in the market for.

    • Im thinking luxtreme is easier to keep clean than luon. I have to admit i only wore my white tights twice lol i was afraid of getting tjem dirty as i do body pump. But i was extra careful not to let bar rub on my thighs or to lean it on my legs..and i used my personal mat to kneel on…it does make for a fresh cool look especially with the white tank that tied up in the back.

    • a crisp white looks really good against the skin. but you are right, I also avoid wearing it because of the issues listed here. it is just not practical. I don't see myself spending so much money on a piece of clothing I know I won't use.

    • I actually LOVE white! I think it looks bold & super fresh… however I do find myself trying not to wear them on days when I know a dumbbell will sit on my lap (like chest day), or if I know I'll be touching the floor. Silly I know but I just love how fresh they look among a sea of black

  • Black currant is beautiful. For December/January. By this time I'm ready to "Spring" up with lighter colors. I've been wearing dark all winter long. I know some jewel tones (mainly Lapis blue) are in for this Spring but also so are blush/light pinks, golden yellows, bright greens, bright pinks. Yet we see none of this in Lulu. We get white and a bright blue and this is what they call color. I'm not fooled.

    I miss the days of a beautiful floral print, plaid print or other print with 3 to 4 coordinating colors that all go together. I bought so much when they did that because I had to have it all and couldn't decide which one thing to buy. Now I can't find one thing to buy

    • I agree. There have definitely been patterns and colors I have loved this season, but it's definitely not been a cohesive collection. It's been very scattered. I find it very frustrating when they release every item in 4 different shades of one color, and then come out with a really nice pattern or color but only release one or two items and nothing else that can coordinate with it, other than plain black, grey or white.

    • I used to look forward to the big reveal of the monthly color story. I really miss how all the items went together. It made it more fun to shop.

      I also miss the days of core products, when I could actually name the items or colors when I saw them. Now a new line comes out every two weeks. Now, it's too many to keep up with.

  • I'm not a fan of florals or any Orin besides camo or ombré for tanks. I prefer solids .i do like white and like one of the readers mentioned I also lift heave land wearing white is unpractical. I usually wear it for my upper body days , like chest or arms . Deadlifts are the worst. I just got Arrow Jacquard WUC, can't wait to wear them

  • I think the white is sharp if it can stay clean. However, I'd immediately have paw prints or fingerprints on mine, so I'll pass. I had white Groovy Run shorts a few years ago that got moldy so I got rid of them. I could do white shorts again, but not tights or capris.

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