Quicksand Define Jacket, Anew Tight, Anew Bra

Quicksand Define Jacket

Anew Crop, Sun Setter Tank

Anew Crop
Lululemon Anew Crop

Anew Crop Anew Crop Anew Crop Anew Crop

  1. I am loving the quicksand color in the Define Jacket. It looks amazing with navy blue colors. So glad I ordered mine last night, because now all the smaller sizes are already out of stock! I’m sad I missed out on the Anew Bra in the same color though. Did it get pulled or did it really sell out super fast? I also ordered the Anew Singlet too. Overall, a great upload! AKA take my money!

    1. I’m not sure, it depends on how pink vs. how flesh this color is. I suspect I’ll love Mauve more but I do really like Quicksand.

  2. This was a spendy week. Got all the T back and Sun Setter tanks in store. Then got the Quicksand Anew Bra and Define, Naked Energy Bra, Anew white pants and crops, White Run with it jacket and completed my collection of Go Lightly bags. I guess after years of spending nothing at lulu, my train finally came in. Some Quicksand Anew bras reappeared this morning.

  3. As of 1 pm EST (after about 20 hours from the upload) in US, Quicksand Define Jacket in size 2, 4, 6, and 8 are sold out!!

    1. Wow, this is the first upload in a very long time when there have been multiple sell outs. Glad I ordered the Define Jacket.

      1. I guess LLL is getting revved up again 🙂
        I placed an order for a black grape CRB II although I wasn’t so sure about the color contrast between black and blue tied that I already have. I think the black grape CRB II is also on the sell out lists.

  4. I really want the Quicksand Define and the BG CRB and the Swiftly, I was hoping to get to a store this week so I could use my R&D discount and tax exempt but maybe I’ll just do a phone order.

  5. I think the anew bra in quicksand was pulled to create FOMO. Was up late and checked app at 2am (Canada) and it was available in all sizes. How could it be all sold out this morning? Wouldn’t be surprised if they reappear with a $10 markup or more.

      1. Either that or they’re having website trouble again, but it does seem like there are a lot of phantom shortages lately.

        Also, in case the bra really did sell out, keep in mind that when they introduce a new bra, a lot of people buy multiples to check for sizes and then there are a bunch of returns. So there may be some available next week, or even sooner in stores.

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