1. Does LLL not know what season we are heading into? Why all the grey, black and dark olive, which is a nice colour but not for Spring and spacer fabric pants for Spring? These uninspiring colours and designs are not getting me inspired to buy, not in the least. I know there have been seasons in the past when I haven't liked anything by numerous brands because they all follow the same trends but this has been going on for a year or more not liking much of anything new from LLL.

  2. Ugh! The Easy As Jacket looks ok in the back, but the front has flaps. Tacky. Gives it that LL Bean fishing jacket look.

    On the bright side, I used this month's Lulu budget to get a Fresh Teal Forme Jacket on eBay. I get a beautiful jacket, seller gets cash and closet space, and oh yeah, Lululemon gets nothing. Sorry, Lulu, but this is what happens when you refuse to make clothes people want. You can stubbornly cling to your new, ugly, masculine design aesthetic, but people don't have to buy it.

    1. I feel the same way! Happy to be getting stuff off eBay and other sites lately. Got a lumberjack scuba and I LOVE it. Wearing it at work today 🙂 I also just got two forme jackets – never tried them when they came out but the defines don't work for me. Happy to have a found a cute jacket that does! I'll have to keep my eye out for that color of Forme 🙂

  3. Laughing hard that they decided to start releasing the colors people actually wanted in the CRB II. Dressing up a crappy product in a desirable color still leaves you with a crappy product.

  4. Free to Flow crops – get that pilled, lint-covered look straight off the rack! Now you don't have to wait to wear your pants for the first time for them to look like you've been wearing them every day for the last five years!

    1. It's funny because it's true. "Ohhhh, that happened to me once, too. You left a Kleenex in your pocket and it went through the wash, right? No? Oh, intentional. Well, of course. Yes, I see that now."

  5. One of my beefs last year was different product going to different markets, and then never coming to all of the markets. This year, that's been mainly resolved until just recently. I was curious about the modal stuffs from Australia, but it's not showing up anywhere else, or did I miss it? And then, some of the things I didn't want seem to be common with many of the markets….

    1. I'm interested in modal stuff too. More specifically in pants and hoodie. Where are they and why are we getting this instead? Australia is going into fall/winter and we are into spring. We should be getting their product and vise versa

    2. This year it's the opposite problem: everything's coming to all markets, regardless of the season. All summer Australia got winter colors, and now that spring is coming to North America, we're getting autumn colors. It's a mess. I'm waiting for them to release parkas in May.

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