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Sneak Peek|Australia and Hong Kong Upload

Sneak Peek|Australia and Hong Kong Upload

Sculpt Tank II Blazer Blue

I’m liking this electric blue. It’s not the usual neutral navy, midnight navy variations that lulu has been putting out lately. 

Smooth Stride Long Sleeve

I would have been so interested in this long sleeve in Deep Olive if it had a regular hem and it was longer. 

Smooth Stride Tank

Smooth Stride Bra

Viridian Green is really pretty but I’m not liking any of the items I’m seeing in this color so far. 

Smooth Stride Short

Invigorate Bra

Blazer Blue/Black Swiftly Tech LS

Long Distance Tank

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  • Ss swiftly and speeds have potential. It looks like concrete is going to be 108….a bit better than 128 nulux has been coming in at..perhaps lll is learning…people aren't buying at full price anymore

  • I'm so disappointed that their tops have shrunk in length. I keep passing up on them for this one detail alone. When I run or practice, I don't want my top riding up. I like more bum coverage. I'm almost always wearing tight pants on the bottom and need that bum coverage, at least while I'm at a stand!

  • I would be so happy if they made used that bright green bra color in a define jacket. When lulu first started making defines years ago, they had a kelly green one. (I forget the name, though it was close in color to Very Green or Green Bean.) I passed because I prefer solid defines and that one had stripes inside the collar. Those were the days, when I had to make choices and I still purchased a ridiculous amount.

    However, I have COMPLETELY given up hope that I will get my wish. I hate to be negative, but lulu is incredibly dreary these days. They have discontinued my most of my favorite designs. They put out boxy jackets when all I want is a repeat of the flattering Be Present. I think they sometimes have cute bras or tights, but I don't like tights and I have enough bras. Oh well.

    On the bright side, I brought a cute piece from Ivivva lately. It was tri-color (Lavender/Fresh Teal/White) and made of a swiftly fabric with a mock turtleneck. I only wish I had bought the other color-way as well. Now it is all sold-out. I also love a print jacket (such pretty colors)I got from ivivva at Xmas.

    • You are so right! It was Savage!!! Thank you SOOO much for reminding me. I hate it when my memory fails me so I appreciate your help.

      That being said, seeing more of that color, it interests me slightly less. Although I would love a Define in Savage, Very or Green Bean, a Bali or Blue Tropics type color interest me less. Don't get me wrong those (Bali and BT) are 2 of my favorite lulu colors ever, but I have a Bali DSJ and a Blue Tropics Define as well as swiftlies in those hues. Honestly, whether the color tempts me or not hardly matters since if it's not grey, black, white, dark blue or some other neutral, lulu is not making into a jacket.

  • I can see myself liking some of these things but there's nothing that's a must buy like there used to be cause the items look similar I don't feel like I'll miss out.

  • Based on the product styles that Lululemon has put out in the last year, they are a completely different company to me. Where are the cute strappy tank tops for one. Lulu used to be all about details and ruffles and great fit. Now it's dumbed down, too simple, and not unique enough for me to even look twice at.

  • Why are all the tops so short? I don't even care about butt coverage, but I do care about proportionality.

    Smooth Stride LS looks like snag city.

    If I see that crappy heathered blue color one more time, I'm going to scream.

    I love that green, but I'm sure it will only be used for crappy items.

    We also get so little insight into upcoming products that there is no anticipation, nothing to get excited about. Styles languish on the site for months. I think the worst part is people falling all over themselves for new products that are obviously garbage quality. I'm honestly tired of seeing people complain about their Aligns, ATRP, whatever. If things fall apart after one wear or a pilled disaster, STOP BUYING. Who cares if LLL will take your pants that fell apart after two hours and give you new ones if they're all garbage quality to begin with? That's not standing by the product, especially when your options are gift card or exchange. They already have your money, so they have no impetus to improve shoddy products. To say the bloom is off the LLL rose is the understatement of the century.

  • Not digging Viridian green or Electric blue. They both are too bright and nobody wears that anymore. Much prefer muted colors or perhaps pastels at this time of the year

    • Different shades flatter different people based on their coloring. Some people look best in pastels, some in earth tones, some in jewel tones. Not everyone cares what the trends are.

    • I agree with 12:24. When I go to the gym, I am not trying to be on trend. I am trying to wear flattering & fun clothing. I am a working mom; getting to the gym can be hard so I want my clothes to be both technical and pretty. I want my gym wear to lift my spirits a bit. Lulu used to do that. It doesn't any more.

      I sometimes ask myself why even I care. I think I still miss the Lulu that used to be– which is probably why I come to this site far more than Lulu itself.

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