1. Everything fits poorly and looks like the kind of stuff I wear in the privacy of my own home, not out in public.

  2. I didn't like these clothes on the website and they look just as bad in real life. I feel like so many other trendier brands do crop tops way better and cheaper.

  3. I thought the picture of the girl in the shorts was really cute. It made me go back to the website to take a second look at the shorts any way. Definitely a drab define. Good color just not very spring like. . I just dropped my kids off at church and an old pink berry colored scuba with ruffled seaming caught my eye. Missing some colors and special little details. It makes me want to hang on to everything I have because who knows what will happen in lululand next.

    1. Yes, dogrunner – I am also missing some of the older colors and the special, little feminine details. I am so tired of boxy, unflattering cuts and boring colors. I want something fun, functional, feminine and unique!

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