Nothing for me today. Holding a record here of 9 weeks without a Lululemon purchase ?. I could have kept the Deep Rouge Define Jacket from last week which was lovely, but I feel like I’m on a roll. I am liking the Thrive Viridian Green Wunder Under Hi Rise and may purchase them once I’ve seen them in person. Also I’m liking the Viridian Green Smooth Stride Tank. My store got this tank in today so I’d like to try it on tomorrow. I’m also very curious to try on the new On The Fly Short and the Smooth Stride Short Sleeve. 

Did you order anything today? I can’t wait to see try ons of the Thrive Viridian Green WU’s, so do share if you order them. I’d love to do some more guest fit reviews if any of you are interested in sharing. 

Wunder Under Hi Rise 7/8 Tight Thrive Viridian Green

Easy As Jacket

Smooth Stride Long Sleeve

Smooth Stride Tank

Sculpt Tank II

Swiftly Tech SS and Racerback

Swiftly Tech LS

Cool Racerback II

Wunder Under Crop III

Smooth Stride Crop

Wunder Under Crop HI Rise

Re-Form Jacket

Smooth Stride Short Sleeve

Wunder Under Low Rise Tight

Smooth Stride Skirt

Invigorate 7/8 Tight

Re-Form Vest

Speed Shorts

Smooth Ride Short

Hotty Hot Short

On The Fly Short

Go Lightly Reflective Back Pack

Run All Day Backpack Reflective

Double Up Tote Bag Reflective

Go Lightly Belt Bag Reflective

Free To Be Zen Bra

Ta Ta Tamer III

Glide & Stride Tank

Street To Studio Pant Lined

Define Jacket


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  1. The black ass seam on the Smooth Stride crops is really awkward just floating there in such a contrasting thread.

    I didn't get anything for whatever week in a row. They have sacrificed their regular customers for occasional customers. I added the green LS Swiftly to my cart but am not planning to buy it unless it ends up on WMTM, since I already have the jungle green which is practically the same. I've had some things in my cart for a while (some since before Christmas), and they've neither sold out nor been added to WMTM, so I probably won't be spending anything for a while. The options for bras are particularly disappointing, and we've already moved back into mesh season for the Speed tights. 🙁

  2. I am in love with Blue Tied color and already bought CRB at my store few days ago. Wish Re-Form vest would come in it

  3. Wow nothing for me again…I think 5 or 6 weeks in a row. The green crb may be close to Bali in which case I won't need it. Now to wait for wmtm….

  4. Nothing for me. However, if the CRBs were the original CRBs I would have snatched them up. So for now easy pass.

  5. I went to check out Veridian green in person today and it's pretty unattractive in my opinion. I totally got "Gumby" vibes from it. Nothing for me this week.

  6. Nothing for me either. A couple of weeks ago I got the get low Pima cotton tank in carbon, and last week for the flossy carbon speeds to match. Nothing else this year, which is unheard of for me. Even my husband was shocked. Just not feeling Lulu anymore. ( have dropped a bundle at Aritzia for spring though. So I told hubby not to get too excited! But so am getting cutter clothes there for less money. I think the smooth stride tank and on the fly shorts both in the alpine print have potential but they are not $64 + tax a piece cute. Really wish Lulu would return to its previous greatness, although I have saved so much money I have almost paid off our new home windows, and am also feeling my financial sanity return due to the Lulu decline. ( not quite sure what else to call it) glad I bought so much cute Lulu when I could.

  7. I got the Go Lightly reflective small bag in the Eaton Centre today. I have been waiting for this bag since I saw it on a foreign website. I'm a sucker for anything reflective, and this bag seems versatile too. Anything else has been a pass for weeks.

  8. Ugh enough with the freaking spacer fabric! It's hideous! I'm laughing and happy my money has gone to cute Nike flyknit runners and past skirts off Ebay that are reasonably priced.

  9. Would like the viridian hotty hots in a long version, which means they won't make them just like they skipped longs in deep rogue. Guess it's a sign to keep my money.

    1. It's Blue Tied. I don't think the US got it online yet, though I saw it in my store last week. It'll probably online next week.

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