Smooth Stride Crop

Henna #whatishappening?

This color is inherently beyond hideous, but it could look right styled correctly or paired with the right colors. If they wanted this color to win in this upload, they would have styled it more deliberately. This is the wrong color on this model, and a tricky color to pull off on many skin tones – it needs contrast which is why they’ve contrasted it with black paneling. This is also a very retro color.

Re-Form Vest

Effortless Jacket

Blue Tied Aligns

Lip Gloss Sculpt Tank II

Lip Gloss Energy Bra


Lip Gloss Swiftly Tech


Bit Point Ice Grey

Speed Shorts


Rain For Daze Jacket II

More Thank Modal Pant

I love Modal. I will probably need these in a dark color. 

More Than Modal Crew

I would have loved this if it wasn’t so short.


More Than Modal Hoodie


Go Lightly Belt

Fast Track Kit


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  1. They should have had Henna bras a long time ago for the cocoa skinned customers to wear under white tops. Now they finally make them and they slap a big black band around the bottom. Way to be tone deaf Lulu.

  2. Wow I am gobsmacked! What a horrible collection of colours and styles. Henna looks like it could be a colour for spanx not athletic wear. Pairing this horrid colour with any other colour is not going to help this colour one bit. The Effortless Jacket takes it's name literally in that it looks like it took no effort to come up with such a drab design. If I had to describe the styles from Fall until now I would use the "blur" because all jackets, hoodies and tops have been one big blur of the same boring styles and same boring colours. To top is all off they come out with Henna and that's a colour we are supposed to get excited about??? Sorry Austrailia but I hope this colours stays in Austrailia. As for the colour Lip Gloss it doesn't look too bad in the swiftly shorts and bra fabrics but in the swiftly tops I don't like it. I refuse to buy any of their variations of pink that don't really look pink to me and unless they come out with a pink that looks like a pink that isin't neon or on the cusp of looking like grapefruit, no thanks. I actually feel sorry for the designers who are being confined to only producing styles that have no design interest or detail and made only in black or grey for the most part. Sad time to be a designer at LLL.

  3. Lip Gloss looks like a dead ringer for Boom Juice…same as Super Purple was for Iris Flower …kind of annoying that they're releasing very similar (or identical) colors with different names…I have the CRB II in Super Purple and an older Flow Y bra in Iris and they are the same color.

    1. Yep thought the same, literally saw boom juice when I saw lip gloss…. also super purple, heathered moonlit magenta and Iris flower are super similar to power purple… and can't forget bruised berry. Yikes.

  4. That Henna is only wearable as a bra. If I were running behind someone wearing it as crops or shorts, I'd think they were naked until I got close. So much no.

    I am kind of digging the Lip Gloss color.

    1. I've seen people in this color top and I thought they were naked at first glance until I got closer and I'd imagine the same for pants. T_T

  5. Because we want to look like were running in the nude…said no one ever. What a horrible color to use as a main color for all this stuff.

    Lip Gloss is basically the same color we've been getting for way to long now without any other colors released inbetween: Neon Pink, Coral, flash, grapefruit. Yet again, more of the same.

    Bit Point Ice Gray would be great, if we hadn't solely had nothing but black/white prints over and over and over and over non-stop for the last couple years. *yawn* None of this. Not even on MD. Not even at a warehouse sale for $19.

  6. The pink colour may be orangey red like alarming and the recent lush coral. I like red. I like orange. But I do not like orangey red. So many variations of it. If it is on pink side I likely will bite. This may be upload number 5 where I don't buy. I did buy 3 pair leggings and 1 crb on wmtm…was tempted with speed shorts but 49 is still high

  7. I'll wait for a comparison on lip gloss but henna wow! So ugly with the black band!!! The last thing that's been bugging me for weeks now is the way they are modeling swiftly and other tanks by pulling them down over the butt and longer. I'm 5'4" and I start to wonder if new swift lies are going to be to my knees? Is there any length change? Haven't bought a new one in a while

    1. I don't think so, it's just the new cruelty. Everything has to look severe. The models rarely smile anymore. They stand like mannequins. They have no joy; the clothes have no joy. I don't get it. I want to shop where people are happy and friendly and that used to be Lululemon, but we're in an ugly phase. I hope the old Lulu returns.

    2. Yes, I was thinking this as I scrolled through. The models are like mannequins. No smile, dead eyes, same stiff stance. I don't understand it. Lulu has these beautiful girls to show off the clothes and make it seem fun, but instead they have them looking lifeless.

  8. Thanks, LLL, for reaffirming to me that you've officially moved on from offering technical, functional activewear and are now solidly in the trendy, unwearable-for-actual-activity mall wear "athleisure" category/clothes for people that want to look like they work out. They've also ruined the fit of the few functional staple items that remain, like the Speed shorts. There is nothing here to keep customers like me coming back.

    1. the fit of the speed shorts has been ruined for a couple years actually. I used to buy every new color in speeds… then they f'd with the fit and now, I don't even snatch them up on WMTM like I used to. I've supplied feedback several times on their site as well as on the now defunct site. Lululemon just doesn't want to hear what their loyal customers want… I'm fine with that too since I've saved a s*** ton of money over the last year or so! My addiction has been broken for a long time now.

    2. I still can't understand why they changed the fit, got a ton of negative feedback about it, and never reverted to the old pattern. Speed Shorts used to be like a 5 star product and the fit changed killed that. They have to know that results in a lot of lost sales.

  9. The only thing they got right is the name of the jacket EFFORTLESS, as it appears there was no effort put into the design of it at all. Shame, Shame, Shame!!!!

  10. When that bomber was released a few weeks ago some people were commenting that lulu comes out with styles that are practically on their way out, and the new henna color proves that right. Beige/nude has been a popular color in fast fashion for a while already. Not really complaining though. I hope they release a loose fitting top in the henna color…perhaps a muscle tank. Even then there would be a concern of sweat marks showing up on that color. I love henna I think it would be really cute with black ripped jeans…not for the gym unless they release it in a top with the same fabric as the get low tank or something similar.

  11. Does anyone know if the hotty hot longs ever came out in the US in deep rougue or is that color just the regular length hotty hots? TIA!

    1. I don't think they'd sell out that fast. Not much does these days. If they're not on the website, they probably haven't been released yet.

  12. First glance at the post and I thought the model was nude. HENNA = WTF? As soon as I think they can't do anything more hideous than the wet suit/spongy rubber jacket fabric, they come out with "naked pants" in the true sense. ICK.

  13. I've been away from the lulu world for awhile (too busy with life) but thought I'd check it out since I had this entire week off. And holy wow I'm feeling good about my switch to Athleta!!! I've been buying exclusively from them this year and every item has been a winner.

  14. I was looking forward to a little color (I know many of the Lululemon fans prefer in the blue green range, rather than pink) in the next US upload, and I wanted to see the Modal stuff, but then I just looked at the UK upload and am confused why everything would still be so drab when we're transitioning to spring already…I'm not a fan of the henna color.

  15. I was not a fan of the effortless jacket on the website or even on the hanger but I surprisingly love it on!

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