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On The Fly Pant, Lost In Pace LS

On The Fly Pant, Lost In Pace LS

On The Fly Pant Lost In Pace LS

This is why I love store photos. The Lost In Pace LS in Dark Olive looks so muted and dull on the website, but in these photos the color looks awesome. 

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  • I appreciate the store photos a lot and this color is super pretty. I just looked at the Athleta site and wow their styles are awesome. I haven't been much of an Athleta shopper, only bought two things but they're tempting me to buy more.

    • Im loving Athleta lately too. I havent purchased anything from Lulu all year, but have about 10 items from Athleta. Such great vibrant colours, variety of styles, most are street wear ready. This is what i want 🙂

    • I literally just spent my entire lulu budget for the month on Athleta. No regrets. If you are getting something, get their power vita salutation pants. Best pants ever. They are like a sturdier version of nulu with compression and no pilling.

    • Me too, spent all my lulu money on Athleta last week. So excited to get my packages. Lulu has been so boring lately. I don't think I'm their target market anymore as I haven't been liking any of their designs the last 6-9 months.

  • I agree store photo of this top is so much better as the website photos looks like this is grey not green. Having said that I don't think it's worth 84. plus taxes.

  • I haven't done Althetica simply because I don't want to pay exchange, duty, and shipping over the border. I am afraid to check out their website! Lol. However if they expand even their website to accommodate the Canadian market, will definitely check them out. My Lulu budget has been going to Aritzia the past 6 months.
    Thanks LLM for the tip on the Assonance dress, tried it, loved it and bought it! Ended up going with the black as the lilac fog colour washed me out too!

  • Hi! I plan to re-open. The Lorna Jane wholesaler website is going through a huge overhall and they are having major issues making it available to Canadians. It was supposed to be completed in the first week of February but unfortunately it's not ready yet. I was able to fulfill my first orders by locating the items from other retailers but until their website is live for wholesalers I can't reorder merchandise. I'll let you guys know in a post when it's up and live. Hopefully soon!!

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