Has anybody checked out yet, or attempted to check out and noticed the scroll feature on the checkout page isn’t working? I noticed this issue last week and I’m getting it again today in both Safari and Chrome, which prevents me from scrolling to the bottom of the page where you click to complete the purchase. This is a divine intervention telling I’m not that motivated to complete my purchase. This makes it officially a full month of not purchasing any lululemon, without having any kind of ‘no buy February’ or specific intent to not shop. What I was interested in purchasing was the Deep Rouge Define Jacket, and the Blue Tied Sculpt Tank. 

Did you order anything today? 

 Define Jacket


Wunder Under Hi-Rise 


Pace Rival Crop


Swiftly Tech Racerback


Dark Olive Studio Pant


Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise Shibori


Effortless Jacket


Sculpt Tank II


NTS Jacket


Lost In Pace Skirt


All The Right Places Pant II


Tight Stuff Tight


Squad Goals Tank


Fast Track Duffel



Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

  1. Nothing for me. That's a month for me, too. I'm happy not spending money and will wait in hopes that we get some colors I like better later on in the Spring.

    I love the Deep Rouge color in the website photos, but it looks totally different IRL. I was eagerly awaiting the Define after the UK got it, but not that I've seen the color in person, I'm not so keen. The pictures are a gorgeous garnet, but the reality is … rust.

    1. Replying to my own comment. Better colors seem to be in the pipeline. I'm not a Lulu underwear wearer, so I don't usually pay attention to them, but I just saw they have some Mula Bandhawears in Hydrangea Blue, which is a gorgeous color. Like a saturated Cool Breeze. I will buy pretty much anything in this color. Crossing my fingers that it will come out in a tank of some Swiftlies.

  2. Speaking of site issues, I've been using EBATES (thank you LLM, it's been great!) except I noticed that my Lululemon orders (only Lululemon) have not been earning cash back (for 3 months back). I contacted EBATES and they said the store has not been reporting my purchases. In order to get cash back I click on 'Help,' 'Where's My Cash Back?' and fill out a short form with my Lululemon confirmation number and order total. It's a bit more work but I then get my cash back. You can see if cash back has been reported under 'shopping trips' (look for a green check under the cash back column). Cash back should be reported within one to two weeks. I thought I'd share if anyone else is having the same issue.

    1. which Ebates are you using? I use both US and Canada and they both work for me. US Ebates give me the cashback within minutes of purchase. Ebates Canada updates my cashback the next day.

    2. I'm using the US Ebates (with the automatic 'E' button on Chrome). It works for the other sites I use but for some reason not Lululemon. The Ebates customer service rep just told me to keep using the 'help,' 'Where's my cash' button. It's happening to a friend of mine too so i thought I would share if it could help anyone else with the same problem. It's a frustrating extra step but I'm glad I can get the cash back.

    3. I have the same issue when I use Ebates in chrome on my computer. No issues when I use it in safari on my phone but I ALWAYS have to request the cash back if I do it on my computer. So strange!

  3. im interested to see Squad Goals mesh tank . I think I might like it. I'll also need Pace Rivals in Navy, that super dark navy is my all time fave. Also debating about getting Get Low tank in Carbon as well as On the Fly pant, but will wait until Ebates get back to 8%.

  4. Lol I've been waiting for ebates to go to 8 % to buy a crb and speed shorts from a month ago…nothing for me again…this is great for my wallet

  5. Two new pace rival crop colors both blue? After we already had hero blue and sapphire blue not long ago? I'm really annoyed. Most of the new styles they're putting out are too short/boxy/impossible to tell apart and color releases on some of the more classic styles are so drab and/or similar to other recent releases. Blah to all of it.

  6. For those who've seen the new blueberry jam color, is it more navy or purple? I wanted a crop in emperor blue and missed out. Was wondering if blueberry jam is similar to emperor blue. Thanks in advance!

    1. I saw blueberry jam in the run times shorts and thought it was pretty similar to hero blue so I would say more navy and more similar to hero blue than emperor blue.

  7. Nothing for me in weeks! I used to want so much stuff every upload. I did get the invigorate bra which I love and don't need the support so I can't comment on terms of that but the no fuss design and comfort is excellent.

  8. Might have gone for the black/white speckle swiftly BUT they changed the hem – before it was "subtle" goals and mottos like run for cheese in maybe half an inch size writing – this one has one inch writing in white on black – so if it rides up everyone will be reading your size and their silly saying (can't recall what it was at moment)

  9. I was in a store yesterday and have to say it was very depressing looking. The entire store was filled with dark cloths and there was a lot of inventory that is obviously not moving. There was not one thing that I even wanted to try on, nothing of interest in the sale items either. I did see the black/white Swiftly racerback and contrary to what Anon 9:14pm said about it, it was actually nice and very soft but not a colour I wanted. Being that it's March 1st you would think there would be more spring like colours in this drop but it looks as though LLL is sticking to a dark and dreary spring line.

    Lulumum I want to let you know that I have been having problems commenting on your site. After typing my comment and hit Anonymous then post, it then changes my Anonymous to Google then puts me through numerous attempts at verification and if I am able to make it through the verification my comment does not post. I am wondering if this is happening to any other guests here? It is very frustrating to a point where I don't want to comment because it ends up being a waste of time.

    1. Hi Lulumum, I don't know how long the amazon cloud issue has been going on but this has been happening to me for over a couple of weeks now. For some reason it doesn't accept me when I click anonymous and resets it to google so I hit anonymous again and then go through verification and this is where it treats me as a spammer by making me go through numerous attempts for verification and still my comment gets deleted. I hope there is a fix for this so that as up until now I never had a problem posting comments here. Thanks for your attention to this.

    2. That's very strange! I hadn't heard that that was happening so thank you for letting me know. Your comment was sent to the spam filter for some reason so I had to go find it and publish it manually. I wonder if it has something to do with the amazon cloud issue that is happening.

    1. I thought I would love that swiftly – but the white seemed a little more like cream so it didn't "Pop" like I thought it would. another upload with nothing I had to have… so I bought new Nike Metcon 3's. MUCH better than the previous versions!

  10. Interested in the love tank potentially, can anyone let me know if it is true to size and how the length compares to the yogi racerback? I don't live near a store otherwise I'd try it on!

  11. Has anyone felt the mesh on the Body con and Sole training tights? I'm just wondering if it's weak and will tear easily. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Mesh is soft but durable. I bought both the tank w built in bra and the crop. I love them. Already wore them twice for boot camp class and yoga. I washed them in lingerie bag and they came out great. I dry all my gym clothes also and these still look great

  12. Has anyone felt the mesh on the Body con and Sole training tights? I'm just wondering if it's weak and will tear easily. Thanks! 🙂

  13. I agree LLM. The only thing I have ordered is a pair of speeds on MD and that new tank with the low back in Pima cotton in Carbon to match the speeds. This is a new record for me. The bulk of my spending money has gone to Aritzia and Titika. There is not much that interest me at Lulu anymore. Never even thought I would ever say that…

    1. I love Titika! I got a bra and top and pants from them and the styles are really unique and super comfortable. This is coming from a once hardcore Lulu gal. I only look at markdown stuff on Lulu now but nothing intrigues me still.

    1. Coulda been worse. I'm still mourning the Pace Setter Skirt. I got curious and checked the new Lost In Pace Skirt reviews … wow. It has a 1.1 with 7 reviews. About 4 major issues. And yet, they are so stubborn at Lulu these days that they continue to refuse to re-release the Pace Setter. Asses.

  14. NTS Jacket = Blech.
    Wow, even the lovely models can't make that look good.
    My credit card thanks you Lulu 🙂

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