Veridian Green Swiftly  

Pretty new green. I’d like to see what this looks like solid in a luon or pima item. 

Black White Swiftly

Swiftly Tech LS Breeze

Squad Goals Hoodie

These prints look like my dry crocodile skin under a microscope. 

Squad Goals Tank

Re-Form Jacket

Sole Training Long Sleeve


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  1. I'm kind of liking a lot of this stuff. That jacket looks good as well as the squad tank. Have they done that breeze swiftly before? I know they made a looser swiftly last year but not sure if it's the same style.

  2. Some of the looks are ok, but I still miss having options that are pretty and feminine. Someone pointed out that RTW is going SUPER pretty this Spring with babydoll dresses, Peter Pan collars, etc. Hopefully, this will rub off on Lulu. Everything still looks very Nike to me. Very masculine. On some level, it's offensive. Like they thing that athlete=male.

    Meanwhile, I ordered some light blue and yellow Hot Pants from teeki. I hope I like them.

    I wore my K-Deer leggings for the first time a few days ago, and they were awesome, but they did slide down slightly and while coverage was very good, they're too sheer for yoga with black underwear. I have some Zohba nude underwear, so this is not a big deal for me. YMMV.

  3. I'm liking a lot of this and it scares me! Lol I just was bragging to my hubby the other day how good I was that I didn't order anything for the last 2 weeks. But this stuff looks super cute and "current", I just have to have it

  4. Love those swiftly long sleeve breeze tops! I've wanted a looser fitting swiftly in the arms for sooo long. I hope that comes to Australia

  5. Love the Veridian green swiftly. I may have to get the LS, but I wonder how close it is the jungle/black swiftly. It looks more teal than green so if thats true, I can justify both. I have a weakness for LS swiftlies (so bad for my wallet),

  6. Other than the new green all product here is in such boring drab colours. The new Swiftly loose fitting top would be nice but why or why just in black, white and grey?

  7. Love that green and will probably buy the LS Swiftly even though I have the jungle green Swiftly already. Too few good greens!

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