Sorry for the delayed upload today. The upload happened sometime around 1pm and I didn’t get home to post it until 2:20, and then had to leave at 2:30 to pick up my kids. I’ve had quite the day getting my iPhone fixed and merged at the apple store today – and making matters worse is I haven’t eaten all day (Including my coffee fix) and I’m on day 2 of Whole 30. Those of you familiar with the whole 30 can imagine my state at the moment. I’m not only hangry but I feel weepy about not having enough coffee and for missing the upload post deadline. It’s illogical. So, I haven’t ordered anything on todays upload or felt tempted but while I was at the apple store and my phone was merging I got to pop in to lululemon and I scored a Sit In Lotus Sweater on sale for $69. I really loved this sweater but didn’t want to pay full price (which was reasonable to start with), so that was a major score for me. I was hoping that we’d see the Going Places Hooded Jacket that is on the Hong Kong site but strangely that hasn’t uploaded yet.

Did you order anything today? Are any of you doing a January Whole 30 challenge? After a month of eating horribly and drinking too much red wine and relying too much on my coconut milk lattes I’m really suffering through these first few days. 

Speed Tight REflective

Wunder Under Pant Strive Multi

Speed Tight Strive Multi

Cadence Crusher Hoodie

Pace Rival Crop

Cadence Crusher Tight

Cadence Crusher Tank

Cadence Crusher Bra

Swiftly Tech LS Crew Indian Ocean
This is gorgeous!!

Inspire Tight II

Work Out To Water Tank

Fast And Free 7/8 Tight

Emerald Long Sleeve

Love Tee IV

Astro Blue Power Y

Throw & Go Tote

Scuba Hoodie IV

Free To Be Zen Bra

Energy Bra

Lululemon is on ebates

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

    1. Holding up great…went with tts. Mind you I think I have only worn them maybe 4 times lol. I have lots so hard to cycle through items more than 3 or 4 times a year

  1. Hmm…must admit there are some things that actually pique my interest, for the first time in a LONG time. The cadence crusher tights, singlet and hoodie all look pretty good. Also are the Run It Out tights new this upload? The only print of color is the midnight tulle multi which I can't make up my mind about. I seriously am reaching my limit on black and white tights!

    1. Ouch is right! I want – but refuse to spend that kind of money on a running pant. So glad I got my reflective Rhythm tights at Ivivva for $72!

  2. Love the strive print….black contrast stitching isn't ideal but I will focus on pant instead on stitching lol. I broke and ordered energy bra…so many colours to wear with it. And of course have to get speed shorts….for once the snow is gone. Geezers. …I was trying to be good. Returned ombre melange because the waistband went to my armpits and therefore rolled terribly. Maybe if they go on markdown. Also like the colour block ice breaker wup but waiting for markdown. I did snag dazzle pant and bra on markdown….so happy to save 60 plus dollars on those items. Snagged a sleet sprinter jacket on markdown too….so I was hoping not to spend more lol

    1. It IS gorgeous! I saw the swiftly tank version in store tonight, it is thicker and the colour very vivid in person my store doesn't have the long sleeve yet so when I got home I ordered It. First swiftly I am grudgingly going to pay full price for. Have my eye on a couple of other swiftlys but will wait for MD even it's that's a long time from now. Great score LLM, I picked up my third sit in lotus sweater this week and paid full price but I just love them so much and the two I have I already got tons of wear from….

    2. Anon 2:45, I guess the Sleet Sprinter Jacket is on markdown on the US side since in Canada it is still the full price 🙁 I've been keeping an eye on it, but can't justify spending $268 on a running jacket. Was it a good discount? TIA

  3. Why is the cadence crusher bra a U-back, but the tank is a racer back? Wouldn't it be nicer for them to be the same and line up on the back rather than this mish mash of straps?

  4. I saw the astro blue power y in store this weekend, and it's a beautiful color. Very different for athletic wear. I know we're all impatiently waiting for color, but it really is gorgeous.

  5. Does anyone have intel on if the Stride print will be offered in a skirt or longer short? I love the print, but I don't wear capris that much. And the Speed Shorts are just too short for me.

    The Cadence Crusher tank has promise. And I love the Indian Ocean–just need a tank or short-sleeved version.

  6. Wow LLM what a great buy on the Sit In Lotus Sweater, what colour did you get? I have not heard of the Whole 30 Challenge but if it means no coffee then no thanks!

    I like the Cadence Crusher Hoodie in the Deep Indigo but why Luxtreme at this time of year, it surely isin't going to keep me warm unless I put thick layers underneath and the part that pulls up over the neck and chin wouldn't be warm either, so I am confused with this. I am also confused by the name given to the Emerald l/s but it only comes in black or white, not green! As for the Cadence Crusher Tank, I am happy for those who don't mind the mesh back but it's a big no for me. I like the Indian Ocean Swiftly but would rather this colour in a s/s. So nothing for me this week.

    1. I thought the Sit in Lotus was one of the nicest knits I have seen at LLL, I am going to check some stores to see if I can find the blue one marked down. As for the W30, I like my coffee black and have for years, BUT recently at home I do a poor mans latte where I heat milk (really really hot) and add cinnamon so that would be tough to give up but could probably get through 30 days I guess.

    2. It was! I got the black but was hoping for the blue. Sadly my store was sold out of the blue.
      No you can totally have coffee on the W30, you just can't sweeten it or have dairy and the coconut milk I usually take is sweetened with cane sugar, or at home I take my coffee black with some splenda. I'm having unsweetened Americanos now but it's a pretty big adjustment going from a drink with calories to a no calorie black coffee.

    1. @anon 7:29 if you live in Canada the swiftly tank version was in store. It is beautiful in person the website doesn't do the colour justice….

    2. Love the color, but I tried on a similar style in terms of black/white/color stripes at Gap (it was just a cotton v-neck, but the pattern was similar) and it was not flattering. It looked great on the shelf, but somehow it didn't do anything for me and I thought a solid color would actually have been better. But I do love the color, so maybe I'll try to find it in store.

  7. I might look terrible in the cadence crusher tank but I think I'm going to order it anyway and see. Does anyone know the bra the models are wearing underneath? I don't see it on the website, but maybe I'm just missing it. If Lulu were smart, they'd add a "wear it with" area beneath each product linking to everything the model's wearing. Shopbop does this, for example. They also link to similar items. I'm always so grateful. It's a big help.

    1. EDIT: I guess Lulu does have "You may also like" at the very bottom of their product listings. Funny I've never found it as useful! (Maybe because I'm having a hard time telling Lulu items apart lately lol)

    2. I agree that having the entire outfit detailed would be useful. Of course, having better photos of the actual product would be helpful too. For example, how wide are those Cadence side zip pockets??? I shouldn't have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure this out.

  8. I don't see this Throw and Go tote on the Canadian side- when I click on your link Lulumum it says sold out. Was it only in the US or did it actually sell that fast??

  9. Doing my own "diet" unlimited veggies and broth; with 60+ grams protein/day and max calories 1200. I feel your pain.

  10. Does anyone have the Run It Out Tights? I like the look more than the speed tights but not sure if these are gonna be super tight.

  11. Sorry to hear you had a day like that, LLM. Not eating and no coffee, I wouldn't do very well either! (I'm not familiar with the Whole 30. I will have to do some reading.)

    I might be interested in the Cadence Crusher Tight Brushed. It's full winter where I am (Ontario) and I am a hardcore runner. The plain luxtreme version is a hard sell for me right now. Maybe if those had shown up in the fall, which would have made sense. Anyway, I'm in no rush to buy either of these right now.

    The Swiftly LS Indian Ocean is beautiful. Darn, I don't need another Swiftly! But it looks like a special one, which is what I go for. Plus blue is my favourite colour.

    I know some think it too dull a colour and want brights, but I like the Astro Blue colour, just not any of the items. Although if it comes in a FTB or FTBW I would be interested. Would have bought a CRB original in a minute.

    I like the look of the Throw & Go tote. Don't see it on the Canadian side but will have to browse the stores as I would want to see it in person anyway.

    1. I agree with you Anon 6:52pm I like Astro Blue but don't care for anything of the clothing items in that colour. I like the Throw & Go Tote but a bottle holder on the outside is a must for me and I don't see one on this tote. Indian Ocean looks so nice but I don't need another l/s as I don't wear them very often so a s/s would be great in this colour.

  12. @lulumum I eat Paleo so totally get your hangry-ness :/ I would never attempt a Whole 30 in Jan though haha! 😉 IN regards to your Sit in Lotus sweater, so jelly! Where in Van did you find it on sale? I'm holding onto both of mine (Grey and blue) with the tags on as long as possible in hopes it will go on WMTM. I love this sweater.

    I'm bummed about the new print only coming out in the true run pants line. If it were Nulux i'd jump on it. It's very pretty as is the Indian Ocean. Saw that in west 4th and was drooling. Unfortunately swiftly's don't work for me either 🙁 Sigh…

    1. My thoughts too, which is why I'm keeping the tags on. Crossing my fingers! Congrats on the PR! woot woot! Our WOD was awful. 100 Thrusters for time. eeeesshh. I think a couple years ago I did the 21 day sugar detox after Christmas. that was brutal. Hold out – it will get better 😉

    2. Ok the funny thing about the sit in lotus sweater is that last week I finally caved and ordered it. At regular price of course. It arrives Thurs so hoping Canada doesn't get the markdown on line. LOL

    3. lol, yah the January W30 is both desperately needed after Christmas indulging, and the most horrible time to start a W30. For such a terrible, hangry, zero energy day I managed to bang out a PR in olympic lifting tonight that I've been trying to get for months.
      Coquitlam had one size 8 grey marked down, and the other sizes weren't marked down (yet) so they honoured the markdown price for me. They where trying to figure out of they where being marked down, or if it was just because it was a lone size 8 but the other sizes where full priced on the shelves. I kind of suspect they are being pulled from stores and then shipped out after the Jan 8th return date cutoff ends and then they will be marked down for the warehouse sale, or maybe they will be marked down online on Thursday. just my guess though, I have no intel on that. The vibe I got was that they are pulled to the back off the sales floor in anticipation of markdown.

  13. Is the Sit in Lotus sweater a tts item? I typically wear a body hugging 6 in CRB's and an 8 in jackets & bras w/ a 34DD chest. TIA! 😉

    Great score, LLM!!!

    1. I bought an 8 for my 34dd chest and it fit really nicely body skimming but did not cover my bum. I'm 5'8". Reviews r saying that it shrinks so I'm returning mine:(

    2. Wow! 5'8" and an 8 didn't cover your bum? That's nuts! I'm 5'9", between 6 and 8 and so, so, so sick of everything running short. I was going to try to get this sweater on sale, but now I won't waste my time.

    3. I wear a 4 in CRBs and a 6 in jackets. I went with the 4 in the sit in lotus sweater and it was perfect. Can't recall if it totally coveredmybum but it was nicely long. I'm 5'6" but long torsoed so I have an issue with things being too short. Not with this one though ��

    4. A few people complained on the website that this pullover shrank too much after washing. I am not going to bother to buy it, even on sale.

  14. I buy a lot of sweaters from athleta. They have a cya tab under menu. Cover your assets lol and they also have a lot of tall sizes as well. I range anywhere from xs to s to stall. I'm 5'8" 135 with 34 dd. A lot of their sweaters are sold out but maybe keep in mind for next fall. Also they have great sweater dresses and sweatshirt dresses that are really well made. The cozy karma dress is awesome and lined in a furry velour and super warm.

  15. Wow! That is an awesome deal on that sweater! I got the Sit in Lotus wrap and love it… Yay for the Whole30! How's it going? I started a little late, so this is week two for me. It's such a good reset to start the year. Hope you're doing well!

    1. Whole 30 is going well, thanks for asking! This W30 is so different from any others that I've done in that I'm just drinking black coffee (and much less coffee overall) vs finding my substitutes and I'm super strict on this one. I'm surprised with that change that the weight isn't just melting off. I'm feeling good though and my anguish from the first few days is gone. My skin is definitely looking a lot better. I've been reading your Whole 30 posts for inspiration. You're such a great source of information for Whole 30!

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