I ordered the Hot Like Agni Crop to try out since I love the embossed print on it. I’m also liking the Back To It Crew in Astro Blue which I tried on earlier today but I can’t justify I sweatshirt at the moment. I wish the Astro Blue Crew was as dark in person as it is online, in person it’s definitely a paler version of the color you see online. 

Did you order anything today? Have any of you tried the Hot Like Agni pieces in store today and want to let us know your thoughts? 

Filtered Orange Speed Short


Hot Like Agni Crops


Hot Like Agni Pant


Hot Like Agni Bra


Hot Like Agni Singlet


Back To It Crew

This looks much darker online than it does in store. I do like it though. 


Back To It Wrap


Huddle Vest


Hot Like Agni Jogger


Pace Rival Crop


Fasts And Free 7/8 Tight


High Times Pant


Gear Up Crop


Run Times Short


Speed Shorts


Cool Racerback II


Free To Be Tranquil Bra


Go Lightly Backpack



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    1. That's the thing – your statement could be sarcastic or completely serious, since I've come to equate Lululemon with plain, bland, drab, and generic.

      I'm thinking about the Hot Like Agni bra in Astro Blue, but that's it. Will probably wait to see if it ends up on WMTM.

    2. I feel like this past year, I've been trained by Lulu to wait and see if the things I'm interested in get marked down. I have 3 items that have been in my cart for a good 6-8 weeks, and I do really want them. But I know there's a pretty good chance if I wait, I can pay less. The result of jacking up prices and then putting them on WMTM at the old price.

  1. Fyi, they have ruined the fit of the Hotty hot shorts too, they now pucker out from the sides and what really upsets me is they have the models covering this flaw on the stock pics by having them stand with their hands on the sides. So deceiving!

  2. I am so desperate for a pair of new PR crops that I am going for that darkest magenta, it's not a color that I would normally go for but I am tired of waiting for heather black. Everything is BLAH

  3. Nothing for me this upload. I just feel like there's so much product coming out that looks so similar I won't miss out on any style if I wait a few weeks and if I even have any desire to buy then.

  4. OK I have a hot like Angi crop in my cart. Almost ready to pull the trigger but can't get past the thigh seems. I too like the embossed but not sure.

  5. I saw a someone buy the last pair of Run it out tights (in my size) on markdown at my local LLL store, if I call other locations will they honour the sale price for me? TIA!

    1. You could try! I've seen items marked down just at that store because it's the last size or color left and wasn't on sale anywhere else.

    2. That is debatable they will honour another store's markdown price. Stores markdown different items based on how much stock they carry. I really don't know for certain though, since they are using store stock as part of their overall inventory now, too? However, if it's currently on wmtm (or you have a screenshot of when it was), they should honour it. I've done that and they were very good about it (I'm in Ontario, Canada).

  6. I would like to see a comparison of creamsicle pop and filtered orange. If they're similar I would love to see a CRB come out in this color (an original CRB would be heavily preferred, but I would even take a CRB II in that case!)

    1. I was thinking this too – that Filtered Orange looks a lot like Creamsicle Pop! I am hoping for a CRB II in this colour (I prefer CRB II for the higher and less wide front neckline). Also hope the headbands come in Filtered Orange too. Such a pretty colour! Hope it looks the exact same in person as it does in the photos. Yay for pretty colours – hope we will see many more heading into Spring!

  7. I can't even tell what was uploaded last week or this week, everything looks the same. Only thing I like is that backpack. But as per usual, I'll just wait until it goes on WMTM. :[

  8. Nope, nothing for me either. This is becoming the norm. I did get a huge amount of the original crbs that downloaded to WMTM (should get them tomorrow) and a pair of the speeds on MD, and a Locarno LS on MD as well. ( I was surprised how flattering that was on but would never pay full price for) so I have spent money. But I used to buy Lulu items at full price all the time. Only things I have paid full price for was the lace WUP that came out at x-mas, the sit in lotus sweaters that I knew I would wear all the time, and my favourite city trek pointe pants….

  9. I love the filtered orange colour. Doubtful I want it in the speed shorts. I am a Speeds wearer though. I also like the look of the Hot Like Agni bra and will have to try it in store to see if I will take my usual size. If I like it that much I'd get the astro blue & black for sure. I really like the astro blue colour. On the Hot Like Agni crops, I'll wait for the reviews to come in on those and maybe for markdown if I want to get them. No rush and I don't need them. Don't need any new bras, either, but it's been a while since LLL made a new bra that I like.

    1. PS – glad I have two great vests and a down pullover from the past few years. I do not like any of the vests they have released this year. Their winter gear blows.

    1. Agreed! I am loving the looks of Filtered Orange in the photos! Also really loving Polar Pink, Cerulean Blue, and Lush Coral this winter! Love, love , love <3 Was hoping for Define Jackets in these colours, but so far no luck and I won't be holding my breath. All the Defines are so dark and gloomy. I want bright, fun, and cheerful!

  10. I'm liking Filtered Orange, want Power Y or CRB in it. I do realize it'll be CRB II, but I actually liking them now. The length , neck line and new waist cut are better for me (5"3) I'm also pationately waiting for pace rivals or high times, but have to be Luxtreme in Astro Blue. New Hot Like Agni bra looks super cute . Also debating about Teeny check HT. If they Luxtreme I wonukfnt even think twice, but Luon makes me to hesitate. I noticed how much more flattering full on Luxtreme is comparing to Luon. It actually makes you look thinner! Plus no pilling. I still prefer tanks in Luon , but only buy Luxtreme bottoms now.

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