Nothing for me today but I am liking the Blue Denim CRB color. I kind of wish it was Astro Blue. I also like the Rising Salutation Sweater in Astro but I have to go back to the store and try on a size smaller because it’s really big in the tts. I’d also like to check out polar pink in person. 

Did you order anything today? 

Rising Salutation Sweater

Cool Racerback II

Cool Racerback II Polar Pink 

Canada and the US got this!

Simply Bare Bra

Simply Bare Tight

Simply Bare Tank

Energy Bra

Hotty Hot Short (Long and Short)

Wunder Under Crop Hi Rise

Get Ready Jogger

Pick The Pace Long Sleeve

High Times Pant

Simply Bare Cropped Long Sleeve

Get Ready Jacket

Get Ready Jogger

Embrace The Space Crew

Embrace The Space Pant

Speed Tight V

Love Tee IV

Embrace The Space Jacket

Inspire Tight II Mesh

Fast And Free 7/8 Tight Nocturnal Teal
This is a restock in this color. I have it and love them.

Sculpt Tank II

Swiftly Tech Racerback


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    1. I'm wondering too! I hope they have one, I've been itching to buy something from them but I don't want to buy full price on so-so products.

    2. I posted an update on my warehouse sale post. Basically, it's up in the air but there are a few things hinting at yes still.

    1. I know. I thought maybe it was just me.

      As I & a few others mentioned the other day, Lulu really doesn't seem to be creating any flattering jackets this year.

      Since the CRB 2 is a no-go for me, while the original CRB was a staple, I'm not buying any tanks either.

      Tights are not my thing (I am more of a Grooves and original DSP person) so there's really not much that appeals these days other than Swiftlies.

      To be fair, I got 2 things recently that I like.

      #1) I received the SHAKTI SHERPA SET (mittens, scarf & hat) for Xmas and I LOVE it. It is so soft and warm, though the hat is oddly tiny — luckily, I have a small head so it's (just barely) fine. This set is my only LOVE IT LULU for this winter. (Of course that's just my opinion.)

      #2) I got the Run For Cold pullover on WMTM. Although I would not have been happy to pay full price, I think it was a good deal on MD. It's quite toasty and flattering enough. The arms are a little long on my short body, and the thumb holes are oddly positioned, but for under $100, it is a useful, attractive piece.

    2. I agree that the jackets have just been terrible over the last year at least. Ill-fitting, too short, and/or just poorly or generically made without any of the details that make them distinctively Lululemon. And so much black! The design and details have to be pretty special for me to buy another black jacket – who doesn't already have a million?

      Honestly, the best athletic wear jacket I bought in the last year was the Zella faux leather motorcycle jacket that LLM featured in one of her Nordstrom Anniversary Sale write ups (actually bought it after seeing it here). I seriously get at least 4-5 compliments on it every time I wear it, regardless of where I wear it.

    3. I thought 2016 sucked but it looks like 2017 could be even worse. These jackets are just horrible. Is there no one left at LLL who remembers how to design a jacket that looks like a LLL jacket? Talk about motivation to not gain weight so I can continue to wear all my wonderful jackets designed before Potdevin/Holman took over designs.

    4. Thanks for the advice about the Zella jacket, 1:57! I will look for that.

      I laughed when I heard about the fear of weight gain due to needing to fit into old lulu, 2:40. I can totally relate. I have been buying amazing jackets from LLL for over 6 years now. I seriously have not considered a 2016 LLL jacket (other than the Jet Set Blue Define) for months.

  1. OT: Has anyone else noticed they have been putting some of the models bra-less…really strange…noticed it twice now – black cadence crusher singlet and Aurora black sculpt tank II…what would be the purpose of this?!?!? Who is going to wear a workout tank (without a built in bra) without a bra?!?!?

    1. Hmm I'm going to look at that! I didn't notice but I also haven't been browsing the LLL website recently. Yea I think that's odd! I like it when the models pair different bras so I can see how that bra works under that top.

  2. The high waist with the long bra = the 80's called, it's wants it's fashion back. Yuck.

    I've been safe with all the high rise stuff lately. Hate high rise. Mid rise is more my speed because having a waistband that goes up to my boobs when I sit down. Just no.

    That Rising Salutation sweater had so much potential but instead they made it look like a plain old crew neck sweatshirt I can get cheaper somewhere else. This not fitted, square boxy, hide your shape stuff is just ugly and not worth the prices they want for what you are getting. Definitely cost cutting measures as basic straight side seams and zero details cost way less to make and they can make more faster on the assembly line.

    1. Agree with you on the high rise! The original Wunder Under and Groove waistbands were my favourite (they were medium rise and were sturdy and supportive without being too tight).

    2. I agree anon 1:56! I really like the Astro blue sweater but not the design. Why couldn't they have just brought out more colours like this in the sit in lotus sweater?? That one is far more flattering in shape!

      OT: I got my Indian Ocean swiftly LS today and it matches my tofino teal Boulex wrap that I got last year on MD. ( I think they were out in the spring) must be the threads of white and black through it.) Love! I also picked up the reach the beach shorts on tofino teal on MD ( they got crappy reviews but took the chance for $29 and it paid off, love them) So I am going to grab the swiftly tank as well to match.

  3. Does anyone know how polar pink compares to Ultra Violet. I have wanted an Ultra Violet Energy bra for years, I think polar pink might be a good candidate for substitute. I need it to match inspires and shorts w/ ultra violet in them.

    1. Now that you say that, Polar Pink does look a lot like UltraViolet… It is definitely a purpleish pink. Also, looking at the Deep Fuschia CRBII and comparing it to the Polar Pink CRBII looks kind of similar only Deep Fuschia is a shade or two darker. And Deep Fuschia is pretty much exact same as Regal Plum.

  4. Aahhh I was hoping for the orange energy bra or tank..the ss swiftly in Indian Ocean. …hope ss comes to Canada. Wondering if the polar pink is neon or not…but I have so much pink from past year….if it's like ultra violet then maybe. I am on fence about wup in Galaxy stride print. I think speed shorts and bra are keepers. Well my walleto is safe….until Thursdays sale lol

  5. The tank made from nulux may work for me….I love my nulux bras….the fabric feels so lightweight and smooth. Now the wup are a different story…they stretched out so much that the top of the waist band was curled over on the front…lol…from my crunches. And yet the waistband is so tight to get on when they are first washed. But I love the nulux bras. So tank may be nice and cool for me.

    1. FYI, it's Nulu, not Nulux. So it's the same material as the Align pant and should have more of a fuzzy touch to it, compared with the cooler feeling Nulux. (I'm just going from the descriptions; I haven't seen the tank in person.)

    2. Aahh thanks for clarifying.…I guess nulux is luxtreme form of fabric while nulux is more luon? Yah so saving money this week…yahoo

    3. That is pretty much how I think of the two new fabrics too! Nulux is a new version of Luxtreme and Nulu is a new version of Luon. I really dislike Nulux and Nulu though. My preference is always going to be Luon, absolutely love good quality nice Luon. I recently read a review for Wunder Unders and the reviewer said she was on Team Luon all the way! I have to agree, haha, Team Luon here too!

  6. Kinda boring upload, but I did buy 4 energy bras to replace a number I sold- My lats have grown too big for my 6s! Also got the frozen frizz speed shorts to try, but I already have chevron dot so we'll see if they are different enough to keep.

  7. I was hoping for the Indian Ocean Swiftly SS…The Nulu tank is the only item that piqued my interest. It looked nice with the FTBW bra in the store photos. Has anyone tried it on?

  8. I agree, I like the denim blue as shown in the CRBii but I'm never going to buy a CRBii. If it had been the original CRB, would have bought it instantly. Neither need nor like anything else. Generic and boring.

    As for the alleged warehouse sale…an ed says that Exec say it's a hoax? That's both lame and ridiculous at the same time. I don't really care if there is one or not. If there isn't one now I am sure it will just be because they changed their minds, based on greed.

  9. I feel like lululemon has become fast fashion now, as they put out so much thoughtless inventory. I will sit back and wait for really special items to come along.

  10. Will get the bordeaux energy bra to work with lots of items from a few years ago and some favorite werkshop and body art pants – I've been exploring yoga pants from other lines since I like pattern with color and there doesn't seem to be any of that coming. The pants wall at my local store had only one pair of pants that were not grey or black. YAWN!

  11. Would love if there was a warehouse sale on Thursday… but not sure there is anything that I actually would want, haha, actually I honestly cant think of a single thing I would want that is on the site right now (already bought the few things I do like – Swiftly LS, CRBII and a couple of headbands), unless, unless they upload a bunch of hidden gems from previous years… some Swiftly tops and Luon CRBs in nice colours that I missed out would be nice to see… and maybe some original Groove Pants and original Skinny Groove Pants (not high rise versions) and Dance Studio PantsII… and some Scuba IIs!!! Wishful thinking, I know, but my fingers are crossed!

  12. I went to the outlet a couple of days ago and they had a bunch of original CRBs in colors I've never seen on the website (including all the WMTM ones from a week or two ago.) Lots of heathered ones, some with what looked like silverescent running through them. One red/pinkish one said HABB– heathered bumble berry, maybe?? All I could think is: Where are all these original CRBs coming from? And why are we seeing so many marked down that were never part of a "what's new" uplaod? It's strange.

  13. The embrace the space line is a joke. It's so hideously awful. I'm sorry to anyone who's purchased it, but it really is the ugliest thing I've ever seen.

    Polar pink is gorgeous but as others have said, not in the CRB II. I'm so hoping for a nice spring jacket, but again, nada so far.

  14. Hi lulumum do you know if the herringbone wu from this year is better or the same as last year? or is it more comparable to the herringbone wu from years ago??? anyone buy this years and think its worth it???

    1. It's really tight on me. No give. Stretched really thin around my thigh and bum area but not sheer. Just uncomfortable. However sizing up it's too loose in the crotch. It stretched a tiny bit but not enough to be comfortable. I wore it for 2 30mim sessions at home. However it is very smoothing due to this tightness. Just crazy uncomfortable for me. Left deep seam imprints on my legs.

      In terms of texture it's soft but not buttery fluffy soft like before. Feels like full on luon regular wunder unders and not knitted. Not itchy.

      Thickness and warmth is less bc it's not fluffy. (my temp is -6 to 1c atm)

      I think it'll be a hit or miss for people depending on their body shape. Perhaps it would fit a tall lean size 6 with smaller thighs and bum whereas I'm petite and decently athletic.

    2. I have two pairs of the original Black Swan herringbone and one in Alberta Lake and the more recent runs of herringbone are not the same quality at all.

    3. I also thought this year's version was thin compared to previous year's. I have some herringbone leggings I got from Old Navy a month ago (bought as an "I don't care" wear to preschool pair). The Lulu ones in stores are the same thickness at the ON ones. So if you are in the market for some, I'd either look on FB sites for an older pair or just buy the ON ones and wait to see if next year is better.

  15. Could anyone recommend a pair of pants from Lulu I could use for hiking outdoors in fall/winter? Should I look for brushed or is there a better material? I've never purchased "outdoors" clothing from them

    1. I only wear Luxtreme bottoms for hiking. Usually Speed tights, since the thigh pockets are handy. They do have brushed versions. If you live in a truly cold weather climate though, LLL bottoms problem won't cut it.

    2. I'd say brushed speed tights except it depends on your weather as I don't find it very warm past 7c. There's too much snow and rain where I live to wear super absorbent pants and none of their pants are currently good for that. I have the sleep sprinter soft shell pants which are only good if there is no wind. Lulu had a nice pair of pants about a year ago with a water resistant outer layer and a rulu brushed underlayer.)=

    3. I feel your pain [email protected]:49AM. I live in the PNW and I am still looking for a nice pair of water resistant tights. you would think someone would have come up with some. but no, there is absolutely nothing on the market. some brands have tights with water resistant panels but nothing fully covered.
      I got the Sleet Sprinter tights from lulu and they are a joke. water resistant but only 7/8 length! plus very stiff.

    4. 949 anon here. SO STIFF at the knee, right?! I'm only 5 ft so it's a full length on me but why make 7/8 waterproof pants… The whole point is to be waterproof not make my ankle stiff with cold and thus easily injured.

      I liked their rain on train on tights for fit and feel but it was literally just 1 waterproof panel on the thigh… What about my calves and side leg… Etc.

    5. 12:15PM anon here. I know!!!! I am tall and the 7/8 is 7/8 on me. so my ankles were bare. and yes, so stiff behind the knee!
      I am desperately looking for a waterproof (water resistant) tight so I can go hiking in our beautiful rainy Vancouver. so far no luck 🙁

    6. As far as Lulu – not much really good for hiking.

      Athleta has some water resistant hiking pants that I love. They are great. They have the Wander Pant, Excursion Tight with UPF 50 (not water resistant though), Street To Summit Pant which are their warmer hiking pant.

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