1. I tried both the sweater and the high times pants in jacquard print. The sweater is really sloppy and unflattering. They ruined it by putting that ribbed band on the bottom instead of making it a high/low gem. The high times were really stretchy and felt great but a bit thin and I don't like the color. The only colors I like on leggings are black, olive or plum.

  2. Denim blue is a pretty color yet a kind of neutral that I wish LLL made more of in different colors rather than more variations of grey.

  3. I think Denim Blue always looks so pretty in the photos but for some reason I don't love wearing it. I have a Denim Blue Define and I never wear it, think I only ever wore it once. The colour is kind of blah. I am more drawn to fun and cheerful, brighter and more saturated colours. I also have the Denim Blue Dance Studio Pants II and I wear them sometimes, but don't like them as much as the rest of my DSPIIs. I prefer bottoms in this colour and wear with a brighter colour top, looks nice with purples/plums.

  4. Doubt anyone is still reading this but agree re denim blue being both a great neutral AND boring 😉 Would look fab w/ a burnt orange or a deep red – for a nice "pop" – maybe a lemon yellow. Along w/ darker blues, browns, greys, purples and of course, black. Really, it can be combined w/ so many colors! 😀

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