1. I believe that seam is there on the front and the back because it's double layered. You know, because that's Lulu's answer to sheer pants (said sarcastically, of course).

    2. I'm average size and the seam across the thigh makes cuts in and makes it look like I have four instead of two. Easy pass for me.

  1. wow – just look at the difference between the fabric above that seam and below – below, the "embossing" looks SO sheer in comparison – no wonder they had to add a liner 'short'. Just adding insult to injury, Lulu.

    1. it's got mesh fabric panels. that's why it looks sheer at the bottom. maybe read the product description next time before just assuming things?

    2. I thought they were embossed fabric at first. Now knowing that they are actually mesh doesn't make the seam and "shorts" look any better. Regardless, these crops are just a big nope for me personally. Yuck.

    3. @539 – thanks for the info – I had previously read that they were embossed luxtreme. That said, knowing that the look is on purpose doesn't make them any more attractive, IMO (I'm not a hot yogi, so there's no functionality in mesh legs for me). But regardless, it's definitely better mesh this time around 😉

  2. LLM wondering if your Indian Ocean LS loosened up at all. I've got my tts and it is snug just not sure if should go up a size?? TIA

  3. has anyone tried on the agni crop yet, what's the weird thigh seam like on? Is it nbd or super unflattering? (for the more thigh heavy of us- size 8 in lulu leggings usually

  4. I got the Agni crops – they do have an odd pair of knickers underneath them as they are very sheer because they're mesh all the way through. I do a lot of ballet so they look great for me as they look like shorts over tights which is your basic ballet look. But you really have to try them to see whether that is an odd look for you or not.

  5. I'm not paying for any bottoms where the design was flawed from the outset to the extent that they have to layer it to be wearable. To a third party they look like a manufacturing defect and…they basically are. I think they would have looked cooler if the mesh gradually faded up the leg instead of being see-through on the butt and simply patched over.

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